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I have suffered from O.C.D. for many years and done my utmost to find recovery-finding brick walls in front of me, both due to my own secrecy and lack of professional interest.

Over the last few years I found out more about my disorder linking it to Intrusive Thoughts-now this was very encouraging. Yet over the last period I have found that the exact problem I have is FALSE MEMORY-O.C.D..

It is horrific and so difficult to talk about-does anybody have similar O.C.D.

Nobody knows the trauma and loss this produces,. Please reply if you have knowledge.

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Hi there so sorry to hear what you are going through, I suffer horrific intrusive thoughts about my loved ones.

If u want to talk in private please just message me without any judgment it does good to tell people your problems. Xxx


Thank you Amy for replying, these horrific intrusive thoughts are hard to bare and subsequently so difficult to even talk about. I have just begun talking and even the talking of them is almost bringing them to life and bringing feelings of self hatred.

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Ian so sorry to hear this . I to had a tough time saying them out loud took me months to even sugar coat them slightly but once I started been more honest and saying them out loud they lost a little of power they held over me x it's so hard but so worth talking about them .. only when u are ready sometimes u just need to push yourself to xx


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