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Please someone help I am struggling so bad with intrusive thoughts so afraid that something bad will happen I have tried to do rituals to cancel out the thought please answer with some help xx

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Please Log on to mind.org.uk

They have an a phone line you can contact for help for people in desperate situations and in crisis.


Thank you for replying do you have similar problem


What kind of intrusive thoughts are you struggling with?


Yes I did suffer terribly with OCD. I had the contamination, hoarding, ruminations and the checking on top of that depression, low self esteem. You find people with OCD have other mental conditions as well.

I have found that most people with OCD,if not all, have suffered some kind of trauma in their lives. Not all of it manifests itself through OCD. The person may become angry, bitter or anxious or withdrawn. You know the phrase, it takes one to know one? Well, I can recognise these symptoms in others. I'm no expert, but I have recognized mental health conditions in my own family, in laws and friends.

I have been where you are now and where many people on this site are crying out for help. You've all come to this site because you are all struggling, desperate for help. Excuse me if I am a little blunt, and I speak from experience, we needed to seek help when the illness was at its moderate, to fix it before it could get worse, but we kid ourselves that we can manage to control it or some of us, tolerate it. No, you want it out of your head, your life.

My own healing journey has been a tough one.I was a mess when I started counselling in 2012. The counselling ended in 2014. My counselling came from the church and I use scripture to meditate on but you can use positive affirmations to meditate on. There was a lot of trauma and pain that had to be dealt with. I am still healing. This past few days I have been getting rid of stuff that I have been hoarding. It's still an on going journey. I am still on meds. My head is clearer.I don't worry any more. I have the odd horrible thoughts but I Don't react to them with fear. I can cast them out without fear or a second thought. Through my experience and what I have learnt I have spoken to my children about mental illness, and told them to seek help or speak to me if they ever experience any worrying, anxieties or excessive thinking etc. Even today 2017 if I needed to go back to therapy I wouldn't hesitate to go back. You need to stub out the spark before it turns into an inferno.

You can get better. You have to make a firm decision that you want to get better. Today I saw an article about dealing with chronic stress, which seems apt for dealing with OCD. The professor of psychiatry said Don't react to the stress, ocd but make a plan on how you are going to tackle it.

It won't be easy. You need four things to help you. 1: a good supportive GP, 2: the right meds, 3: psychotherapy; cbt and 4: a safe place to go.Somewhere where you can go for support when you are having a bad day, people whom you can trust who won't judge you, or a voice at the end of a phone. ie. MIND.

What you are doing is changing and cleansing your brain of this toxic, negative thinking and LEARNING to overcome your fears and anxieties.

One final word, if the GP, therapy or meds isn't right for you,please Don't give up. Ask to see a different Dr or therapist or try other meds. Come back on this forum for advice. If you feel one course of therapy isn't enough ask for a 're- referral for more therapy. Speak to an advisor from MIND. They are the GO to people.

Hope this helps you. Good luck. Keep in touch.

Remember to phone MIND if you need to talk to someone.


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