Hi all. I'd love any advise/help!

Hi there! I've had ocd for 25 years. This was exacerbated by a head injury: 2.5 months in coma, 1 year hospital, suffered hallucinations, mrsa, pneumonia, right side paralysis, had to learn to walk, talk, write, toilet, feed myself, everything we take for granted, again. Now,. whenever something's going well, I find a way of viewing it to raise doubt, worry, concern, and basically tarnish any good fortune. Of course, the compulsions are presented to me! They normally arrive in the guise of seeking re-assurance, otherwise the worry will not desist.

Thanks for any help!


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  • Hi StevieBee,

    Sorry for the illness and suffering you went through ,but do you know what you have done? You have fought through near death ,pain,despondency,fear and paralysis to gain your life back. You overcame it all through strength of will and no thought of failure! What's the worse can OCD do to you? Tap into that psyche, strength to get rid of that bully ocd. It is possible to overcome. Don't give fear that power over you. Nothing will happen if you Don't do the compulsion. I stand testament to that. OCD fear is like an empty threat. Understand you recovered and relearned everything with the help and support of specialists, the same applies to OCD. You need to learn to think in a different mind set.

    Well done. Let me know how you get on!

  • Thanks for the reply, and time! Take care! You've given me a mood-lift! Thankyou!


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