Hello everyone its been a while, just felt like I need to vent I don't feel well I am at it again cleaning moving my furniture almost everyday, my hands are so dry from washing things in bleach., I hate that I count it never stops!!!! I am tired between my PTSD, phobias, very low b-12 fibromyalgia over weight I feel disgusted with myself., sorry guys just one of those days

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Hi Yole,

Poor you, that's exhausting. There's something about this time of year that brings everything to the surface again.

But take heart, this is temporary and you've come through this before.

What coping mechanisms have you used in the past that have worked? Maybe make a list and implement just one for now. Add more when you've more energy.

Also can you get some extra support? CBT is so good for OCD ant auto negative thoughts. Make a doc appointment and get referred asap?

the fact you know what's going on with you is half the battle. You're not going crazy. You're just a bit more fragile atm and need some extra support.

I hope you get it and are feeling much better soon



what is CBT? and thank you


Hi Yole,

It means Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It's a type of talking therapy that helps you understand and then change difficult thinking/action patterns.

This link here describes it better than I can:


Personally I think it's really helpful and practical. But there are loads of different therapy types out there, if you find this one isn't got you.

Hope your feeling a bit better in yourself? Please take care

El 🙂


Oh yes I'm sorry I have done that., it helps somewhat thanks


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