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My Suffering with OCD

My Suffering with OCD

Hi my name is Kellie from Whangarei New Zealand. I am 39.

I have had OCD for around 19 years. I was diagnosed with OCD after having my daughter when I was 20. I thought I was going mental but I knew the horrible thought I were having weren't right and got help from the mental health team and my very supportive doctor who has been my doctor since I was 8 so I trust him. I come right within 6 weeks. It was 2 and half years later when I had my son it hit again but not as bad because I was ready for it.

I had two more bad times in my 20ties in 2002 after a bad car accident and again in 2005 after my house had been robbed. in was in 2005 that a psychiatrist got me on the right meds and I sailed through my 30ties because if I felt something wasn't right I would take a lorazepam and feel great again. I have worked in the health industry since I was 18 on and off. I am a Christian so from praying and reading my bible and support from my church has help me also get through tough times.

I moved up to Whangarie (Which is top of the North island of New Zealand) about 10 weeks ago with my very supportive husband and two teenagers. I have got a job, but haven't been able to start yet because my OCD and Anxiety have been playing up since always living in Auckland all my life and not living so close to Dad anymore. my doctor say is a big change for me and set me off. It seem to come for a week or so and then leave for a week or so then come back. I only talked about it being hard to move away from Dad cause my Mum Died of cancer 7 years ago which from being so busy by looking after Mum in her final days along with dad and my brother also helping look after mum my OCD didn't play up not even after she past. I have family up here in Whangarie that I am close to but I still Miss Dad. I hope he will move up here soon this is where he and Mum grew up.

I have been studying about OCD and Anxiety I have found taking my meds, Reading my bible, praying and meditation have help My doctor gave me a disability certificate so I can get time off work and get the CBT Therapy I need.

Thank-you for reading

God Bless

Kellie Stewart

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Terrific to hear from a fellow sufferer! My OCD started again due to job stress, money worries and coming off tablets. I am trying not to let it get the better of me but it is hard work.

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Hi Kelly! I'm Milind from Pune,Maharashtra, India. I read ur story. I came to know that the problem which I'm facing since my early childhood is called OCD just 4-5 yeas back. I'm now 47. You can imagine how much I have suffered. But I came into contact with one book, 'Break Free from OCD' by Dr. Fiona Challacombe, Dr. Victoria Bream Oldfield and Professor Paul Salkovskis which has made miracle for me. Just I'm at 63rd page of the book & I've started to get relief from the disgust I've been experiencing since my childhood. It's cost in Indian Rupees is 894/- as I bought it online through flipkart. You can avail the freedom with the help of this book. Thanks & Best of Luck!


Thanks Milind for letting me know about the book I will try to find me a copy. I am happy it is helping you.


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