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Do you think i could have OCD?

Do you think i could have OCD?

I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work and even if i have one crossing out or my work looks messy i will rip the page/s out of the book and start it again. Sometimes i will not hand in my music compositions because it is not good enough and its not perfect. I also think i may be a little bit of a workaholic.

One of my teachers said she may think i have a little OCD and another asked me today if i'm okay because i seemed to have changed slightly even though he said "you are still your lovely self". He asked if anything was going on like stress and i said about how i haven't talked to a group of my "friends" for nearly two moths because i was not going to argue woth them and some stuff has gone on.

Is that a sign of OCD or a personality disorder? Someone noticed there has been a change in me, when i didn't even notice? I can't help thinking about that i seemed to have changed and is it good or bad?

He asked again about stress and i was saying i wasn't sure but it could be due to the exams.

However i do seem to be a big emotional, i don't want to talk to my family about it because they'll most probably thinking i'm being pathetic.

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Phew you poor thing, can you speak to a college councillor or medic?

You sound young and maybe you do need some extra support.

I am sad you feel your family will laugh

OCD used to be known as the secret disease because people would hide it

Don't try and hide please try to get asesessed.

It sounds as though you might have tendencies but these can be lessened if you seek help quickly

So sorry there was no reply before now

Hope you find this



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