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i have been suffering from ocd it got at its worst last year in the winter and improved in the spring but recently i have had disturbing thoughts about me having sexual interactions with a gender which i do not find attractive it meant i was watching a lot of porn(i have never watched porn) and masturbating even though it made me feel bad i looked it up and found a thread on hocd


this described my feelings perfectly although there were no official health websites that recognise this a an actual thing . so i was wondering whether this is me just discovering my "true" sexuality .this has been bugging me for a while now and i have even developed crushes on multiple friends who i still don't see a attractive although i am still developing feelings for there is also someone who i have had feeling for for a while and they feel the same although I'm not sure about going into the relationship as my mind is all over the place and my ocd is becoming worse (to give you an idea the compulsions used to to around one a week which was brill but now its 3 times a day and the obsessions were one a month and now its almost all the time worsened by the fact that a loved one has been hospitalised so what is this and what should i do

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Hey I suffer from that too. I do have OCD and let me tell u. Very thought that comes thru ur head about HOCD is wrong. U do not find the other sex attractive. Do u avoid certain things to help u not get triggered by the thoughts? Also are u on meds. I have HOCD for a year now and let's tell u it sucks so much. The OCD make it seem like u really want this but honestly U DONT! That's what OCD does, it makes u feel like u want something but u know deep down that u don't. U are not alone in this. I hope everything works out for u. I have compulsions too and they suck so much.


Thanks for the help but what should I do and how should I approach my go about this

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