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Is this OCD?

I didn't think much about this until I was talking to my Mum about my attacks and she said "Oh, do you think you have OCD then?"

I don't think I have any typical signs. I don't mind if my house is mess or how long it's been since I've hoovered. The only cleanliness thing I have is if I touch something disgusting, like when I've cleaned the litter tray or picked up after the dogs. Even though I wouldn't have touched it directly I will still wash my hands 2/3 times with hot water.

I do like things in even numbers because for some reason odd ones are unlucky (except 13). I do check things a billion times like the doors, windows, stove etc. And I tend to keep things because I think that the object will be hurt/sad that it's been thrown away. Also, if I am given the choice between two objects I will feel guilty for not picking the one I left, especially if I changed my mind about which one I'd pick.

I do get obsessed with things though but they seem to pass after a few months, then a new obsession comes. A few months ago it was my teeth, I was terrified they would fall out so I'd check them in a mirror constantly, my heart would skip a beat if food got stuck and missing brushing them would be unimaginable. I literally just ate soft food because I was terrified hard/crunchy food would break my teeth. I even learn what my teeth felt like so every 10 minutes I'd check and if it felt off I'd run off and check in a mirror.

Now I am paranoid about being sick so before I go to bed I make sure I have certain things with me. All because I think that if I don't do one of these I will be sick for sure.

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It could be OCD. I won't say yes or no as I am not a doctor, it would certainly be worth asking to see someone about it if it is making your life difficult. My OCD does not involve cleaning (my Mum wishes it did!) and my room is usually a pit! I too have the sickness thing although I expect my rituals are different from yours. It's best to get support for it while it is relatively mild. Best to go with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). Try to avoid doctors who just want to stuff drugs in you and offer no other support! While medication can ease the symptoms somewhat, it won't solve it! Sorry for going on, hope my reply helped :)


I have a son who was diagnosed with OCD 2 years ago aged 14. Many of the things that you talk about sound similar to my son. His bedroom was really untidy as he could not put a lot of his things away because he would worry to much about not finding them again but he could not go out without having a shower & washing his hair in case people thought he smelt even though he was sometimes showering up to 5 times a day. His rituals can also change every few months & at the moment his obsession is with teeth cleaning & what he can eat. He had CBT with our local camhs for 6 months which has improved his rituals & also helped him to recognise when he was going through a bad patch with it. I would recommend that you try to get an appt with your local mental health team through your doctor as they will be able to help you with a diagnosis whether it is OCD or not. Sorry for such a long reply but I hope along with other people's answers it will help :-)


Thank you, I will definitely go and discuss CBT with a doctor and hope the refer me to someone useful!


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