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Crushing ribcage pain


Hi l am new here. I am struggling to get a diagnosis despite having an ultrasound, blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis, 2 CT Scans and xray. Since March l have had have terrible pain under my left breast like a burning sensation. Over the months its gone from being localised to wrapping around my entire ribcage. I experience flare ups where it feels like my entire ribcage is trying to crush me. It also extends to my back. Movement is restricted eg bending to tie my laces and reaching above my head is painful and can trigger a flare up. Often l experience a popping sensation in my ribs and a sensation which is best described as something fluid being squeezed out. Similar to when toothpaste is being squeezed from a tube. This has all coincided with high blood pressure needing hospital admission. The cardiologist told me my heart was fine. Conditions it seems to mirror are Costochondritis or Ankylosing spondylitis. I have arrived at this by my own research. The last 3 months l developed swelling and loss of function in both my thumb joints. They have also developed a sort of lump and appear more boney. I am no nearer to a diagnosis and l have had this for 11 months. I would be extremely grateful for any insight anyone could offer.

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Hi Sueiso sorry your in alot of pain. Just wanted to say I get alot of rib pain. I have fibromyalgia to. Waiting to see a Neurologist as i have other problems. Do you have alot of pain in your feet Xx

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Hi Molly Not really although the bottom of my right foot can sometimes feel numb at the back.

Hi Sueiso,

I have have had AS for about 30 years and was diagnosed with Costochondritis a couple of months ago. As will give you pain in different parts of your body. With me it was my ribcage and my SI joints. I was on Humira for nine years and it changed my life. I had to have open heart surgery for an MV Repair and had to stop the drug. After surgery my AS was in remission. Last year I was diagnosed with GCA and now I am on Actemra. I have AS flares by I take extra strength Tylenol and I do ok. My costochondritis was really bad a few months ago before I was diagnosed. I was offered a steroid shot in my ribs but I said no. Now it comes and goes. This pain hits me in the middle of my chest where my cartridge is inflamed. My brother also has AS. We are in a family study at UT - Houston. We know we got this from our mother. She carries the gene. Her brother had AS and his spine was totally fused. I hope this helps.

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