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Sticky joints


Hi all.

Does anyone have difficulty with fluid and smooth movements of joints?

For a long time now if I try to make circular movements with my wrists or ankles they don't move in a smooth, fluid way. They move in a cog wheel, staccato fashion. It's the same with my shoulders. I lie on one side in bed and try to move the uppermost shoulder in small circular movements (just the shoulder, not the whole arm) and it's the cog wheel, racherty thing again.

For the shoulders in particular I get electric shock type of nerve pain when I do this.

Sound familiar?

Thank you in advance.

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Sorry your having this issue have you been diagnosed with OA?

Hi Batty1.

Actually, I've been having lots of problems over many years that have gone without any decent help from all types of specialists and doctors.

Now it looks like at least part of my problems are arthritis in some form.

I live in France and the terms for the many sorts of arthritis are quite different from the English terms.

Ignoring the difference in languages, my docs are saying that I have osteoarthritis one day and then saying I don't the next day. Then I have polyarthritis but blood markers say I don't. One rheumatalogist will tell me I have arthritis everywhere and another will tell me I don't. One will say ankylosing spondylitis, another one will say it's not.

They will tell me I need to see a neurologist because of movement and rigidity problems and when I see neurologists they say they can't find anything wrong and that I need to see a rheumatalogist.

I've given them all lists of all the problems I've been having for years yet every time they turn me away and I still have absolutely no idea what I have.

I can't understand why they can't even agree on which type of arthritis I have? Never mind the other problems!



Sadly I totally understand.

I think doctors always label every ache and pain as OA but and unless you had a MRI or X-RAY that shows the wear and tear of OA they are just guessing.

I have psoriatic arthritis that attack ANY tendon that attaches to my bones (pretty much everywhere) It took me almost 2 years and multiple rheumatologist and by this point I was bed ridden unable to walk because psoriatic would attack my feet and calves and eventually my knees and hips ..... extremely painful.

Out of curiosity have you had your Vitamin levels tested or Thyroid?

I learnt the hard way Thyroid disease is disasterous for joint pains and so are vitamins.

I take Vitamin D3, K2 and Magnesium and this with immunosuppressive drug has help a lot ... not a cure! Should talk to doctor about vitamin and thyroid test if you haven’t already.

Hi again.

Actually, I had an appointment with a radiologist yesterday afternoon about my shoulders. He did ultrasound scans and MRI's on both. I have ruptured tendons in both and stage 2 arthritis in both but not OA. He also said from my symptoms that I have cervical problems and should check that out too.

So, my rhumatalogist seems to be wrong again as he said I have OA everywhere and nothing much wrong with my neck.

I'm going to make an appointment for a consultation with the radiologist to talk about what's really going on. He also does injections (with imagery) so I wish now he was doing my knees rather than the rhumo. I might make the switch. You say they didn't work for you. So what's your plan for them in the future?

I've heard of psoriasis and thought it was an autoimmune problem. Is psoriatic arthritis part of the same problem? You had a hard time too. I hope you're doing better and it stays that way. Good luck with it all.

I also take vit d with k2, magnesium and B12 even though my levels are within range. I've also started taking collagen powder hoping it might help too.

There were concerns about my parathormone levels not long ago but nothing came of it. Or should I say my doctors ignored them and further investigations fizzled out. My TSH, in my mind, is too high but they say it's OK. When my wife's levels were much lower she was told she had hashimoto's.

I've been having lots of problems for years without any idea where they're coming from and only realised recently how much arthritis is causing some of them but certainly not all of them.

Perhaps I should check out psoriatic arthritis too.

Thanks again batty1

That's great news at least your getting some help now.

I only see one big problem if you have ruptured tendon you need to see a orthopedic or someone who specializes in shoulders the stage 2 arthritis is because of the rupture and unless the rupture is fix that stage 2 will only become stage 4 and no shot will fix this only prolong the inevitable.

I have a slight bulging disc in my neck and this causes pain, stiffness and occasionally headaches.

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