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Helix original anyone?


Helix original..... I have been reading a lot about how good Helix Original is for Ostioarthritis, anybody here using it and what are your experiences? My Dr has prescribed Zapain and Naproxen but says I must only take them on a flare up although I constantly have back pain with no let up but I MUSNT take them daily. Any help please.

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No never heard of it.

I just looked it up and read reviews on Amazon.....doesn't seem to be very safe product as a couple people reported that bottles had no experation date or where it was made.....It's made from snails "yikes"

Looks like placebo effect - anything that has that many positive reviews and so few negatives always makes me suspicious. And then I think if it’s so amazing, why isn’t everyone using it already? There are how many millions of people with OA?

Finally, supplement ingredients make me nervous. It says snail protein is an ingredient, but the advertising mentions a certain type of snail. What snail is used in the supplement? And how do I know for sure that’s the exact one they used? So yeah. Try at your own risk, I guess.


Have you tried turmeric and black pepper capsules?

They help with the pain.

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