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Stage 4 Osteoarthritis in both knees


My double knee replacements have been cancelled for a few months due to having an unexpected Heart Attack which I have recovered well from. I have had two stents fitted. I am in terrible pain with my knees and the effects on my mobility is not good. As a last resort fur pain management my doc is going to try me on tramadol for a couple of days to see how I cope! Does anyone use tramadol for knee pain and is it successful! Sorry for long winded story!!!!

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When are you getting your knees replaced?

Moags in reply to Batty1

Hi don’t know exact date I have to wait until I come off ticagrelor a blood thinning med which will be in a June this year exactly one year after my heart attack. My knees are very painful but I continued as active a life as possible get so frustrated and not being able to walk far, stand for any length of time etc., etc., I’m 59 years old !

Hi Moags, I have been using Tramadol to manage my pain for 10 yrs.When I was first diagnosed my Rheumy had me on stronger pain meds which I had issues with.

I am still employed full time so I need to be discreet with my pain management. The only issue that I consistently have with the Tramadol is constipation. I try to drink a lot of water to keep thing moving.While it doesn’t eliminate my pain completely,it definitely makes the pain manageable so I can function.

I hope this helps and Good Luck!

Moags in reply to Barbgalvin

Thank you most helpful!

I am on Oramorph had a new knee last April then came August and my other one started up have had them drained and injected but that didn't help, then I went back to the Dr and he said that I could not up my meds anymore so sent me to a Muscular Skeleton clinic they are going to try and xray them while draining and injecting them, then I have to have physio if that doesn't help its another new knee as it is putting to much strain on the new one which is now giving me pain again. So see if they can give you some oramorph hope you soon manage to get your knees done, just remember afterwards to do your physio and you'll be fine keep smiling Love & Hugs Xx

Moags in reply to Mackembabe

Thanks your reply my you have had a rough time, my doctor has suggested I take between 6 to8 paracetamol per day to try and reduce pain, I’m trying that as I still want to be able to function, the tramadol made me feel strange and did not take pain away!! Hopefully I will get my new knees sometime after June! You take care and hope you get your other knee done soon!!🌻

Thank you Moags I had my knee injected on Monday, it ha improved it but done more walking today so a bit more painful, I asked them about physio got told I would need to phone them, took 2 days to get through and they had no record of me, so had to phone clinic they told me I have to wait for Dr to see scan and then go and see him again and then he will decide what next to do. How are you doing with the paracetamol tablets do they help you, I have a cream I can put on which is phorpain Maximum strength 10% w/w gel which you get from Dr, I really hope that you manage to get your knees done sooner then June Love & Hugs Xx

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