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Make small, marginal changes and you can achieve great things


Hi All - I'm increasingly a big fan of making small, marginal changes. It creates a feeling of manageable change that lessens the likelihood of overwhelm and increases your chances for success in sustaining changes. For example of things you can start to introduce see the below suggestions. Remember it can just be one thing at a time. Pick what you're ready for so your mind won't sabotage you:

1.Start the day with a mug of hot water and lemon or a thumb of fresh ginger.

2.Increase your water intake and tune into what hydration levels suit you - it's not the same for everyone. Headaches, lack of concentration and fatigue can be symptoms of dehydration.

3. Include a teaspoon of organic turmeric powder daily - either in your cooking or make a tea with it. It is bitter as a tea but bitter tastes stimulate the liver and bile flow which is typically good news.

4. Reduce intake of red meat

5. Include a generous portion of leafy greens daily e.g collard greens, spring greens, sorrel, watercress, kale, spinach

6. Avoid late night eating. The body needs and thrives actually on decent fasting windows.

7. Ditch packet foods - if you are very reliant on packet food then start to change habits. Keep it simple and make some scrambled eggs for breakfast or a lighter supper.

8. Get inspired by people in your network who are happy and healthy. This is very much about outlook. Look at what they are doing and talk to them. Ask them how they do it and then feel into what you can take away from that and apply to your life.

Let me know what you decide to change! Telling someone increases your chances of success.