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Rituximab - 6 weeks in to first course


Well it's Sunday night again I still feel crap, stiff and in pain, down to 7.5 mg prednisolone and praying I don't wake up too stiff in the morning as still dragging my sorry ass into work. I'll set the alarm for stupid o'clock as usual just so I have time to get going and get myself showered and dressed ready for work!!!!! thank god I work behind a desk and only work 5 hours a day (mind you that's 5 hours too many at the moment!!!!!).

I've put a big red star on the calendar that marks the 4 month mark as reading comments on here that seems to be the average time this biological starts working, so anytime before would definitely be a bonus. When I explained this fact to my husband he said, 'that's weird does this drug just suddenly sit up and say to it's self ok she's had enough now may be I'll start working', sounds funny doesn't it when you think of it that way, but I live in hope.

Have finally decided that my ironing pile which is now the size of a small mountain needs action and since I live with 3 males (hubby and two sons) who all mysteriously find it a difficult task to iron any item of clothing, I have decided to bite the bullet and send it out to be done. Probably going to cost a small fortune but hey ho needs must.

Am due to see the rheumy again 18th May so will update my progress then (and the outcome of the ironing lol)

Gentle hugs to all in pain out there, goodnight all xxx

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im off to bed though have lay down a good part of the day.. sod the ironing go to bed too x

Sounds very much how I'm feeling this morning... I go for infusion 2 of the first cycle on Thursday and am not looking forward to it. Still as stiff as a board even with the steroid infusion and daily oral steroids. I too am on 7.5 mg. as your a few weeks ahead of me Lisa please let me know if you start to feel any better. Big hugs Donna xxx

Hi Lisa,

I got my first course of rituximab last June and i really thought it wasn't working at all and was so disappointed as i had been on enbrel before that with no success. Anyway, around the end of september last year i went to see the rhuematologist and i was feeling so bad that he mentioned trying me on another biologic but in the meantime i was given 2 steroid jabs and it was like magic as i suddenly started feelin a lot better and thought the jabs were working really well for a change and i was dreading them wearing off, well 2 months passed and i was still feeling good and then i realised it must be the rituximab that had kicked in. It took a full 4 months for me to feel better. I had another infusion last week and due another on friday to complete my 2nd course. It has made such a difference to me, i still get some pain but i can now walk and do things i couldn't do before, so hang in there and look forward to it taking effect. xx

Meant to say Lisa, good idea about sending out the ironing x

Thanks for all the comments folks, Donnalouise I will of course let you know how I'm getting on and thanks Millie for your comments, got everything crossed (well not literally coz I can't lol), I too was on Embrel previous to this and it worked well for me for 3 years then gradually just stopped having effect and I got worse and worse. Quite honestly I'll give anything a go and have a friend who has recently qualified in hypnotherapy for pain management and has offered to have a go with me in exchange for wine!!!! so I thought why not, we're going to arrange a get together so watch this space. xxx

PS ironing being collected tomorrow!!!!!!!

I have my 2nd lot of Rituximab on Wednesday and whilst I don't feel any better my bloodwork seems to indicate it is doing the trick. I am on 10mg of Prednisolone (have been for 3yrs lol) wish I could afford to send the ironing out so envy you there. Hope it works for you and soon..Linda

Hang on in there!! Not long hopefully till you get the relief and hey if not they will try something else. I send out the ironing when I am too ill too, of my DLA money.

to all those who have just started ritixumab,give it time It has changed my life,im almost feel like i was never struck with r.a,not only can i walk i can run ride a bike.kick a ball and climb stairs without hanging on for dear life it has taken about a year to get to this but life is now worth living and more than this i am a better person than i was i am more tolerant less sressfull and more switched on to people who have difficulties

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