Please help in pain

I have RA and Hyper mobility syndrome have been ok lately but my shoulder has been niggling. Went to take my jumper off about an hour ago and omg have never felt pain like it. My shoulder just gave way on me felt like it snapped or dislocated. I was screaming it hurt that much. Have got ice on it and it starting to settle down although it aches right down my arm and fingers have swelled. My fingers swell a lot due to RA. Does anyone know what happened? I've had such a fright.

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  • Have you rung nhs direct or your drs out of hours service just to make sure you haven't done any damage. |Hope it is nothing

  • I agree with Sylvi phone someone for advice - best of luck x

  • Thanku I'm sitting in A+E waiting to be seen xx

  • Hi Becky26

    If all is OK at the hospital and they give you the all clear then you could consider using a big dollop of Diclofenac cream - something like Emugel P - I get this prescribed as I have RA, hypermobility and an old rotator cuff injury on my left shoulder - I tell you, not one bit funny - where oral medications don't work, the cream does, and you can get it from any pharmacist until you can be prescribed it - might be worth asking at the hospital if you can have some?

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thankyou, iv been to hospital and have a frozen shoulder so painkillers, a sling and exercises xx

  • you have my sympathy, I have had many frozen shoulders over the last few years and had both shoulders injected with steroids on several occassions, these helped greatly at first but now not so much. I had 12 frozen shoulders last year but was lucky until friday as not had one since september last year. I did have physio and exercises which I feel helped and it helps to do the exercises as it seems to speed up the recovery even though it seems agony at the time it helps to keep the shoulder as mobile as possible.

    I can empathise with you and remember the little small things which seem to be mammoth tasks at the time pulling your pants up, fastening your bra,openinga door and holding a cup are all excrutiating tasks and any small movement of your hand,finger or elbow refers the pain. At my worst my husband had to fasten my bra as I had 2 frozen shoulders at the same time, this was a totally alien task to him and was uncomfortable for me as he just didnt seem to get things in right, we laugh about it now!

    I found getting in a hot shower and letting the water concentrate on the shoulder really helpful but had to then just sit to dry as I couldnt manage to dry myself.

    hope it gets better soon and all my best wishes


  • make sure they do an ultrasound of it rather than just an xray - from the sounds of it it could be a torn tendon. Tendons can get quite brittle from enthesitis, especially if you have ever had steroid injections into it.

  • Hi Becky. I also have RA and Hypermobility syndrome and find it a nightmare as the DMARD's seen to loosen everything up so I am more bendy not good as I seem to overshoot my knees and shoulders especially. Did get some physio to strengthen thigh muscles to protect my knees but still very painful. I hope you get on alright and they manage to help. take care x

  • Thankyou im wondering if i should ring my RA nurse and tell her whats happened? x

  • Hi Becky. I would let them know. x

  • Thanku x

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