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reducing my mtx


hi all. i have been on 20mg mtx for 2 years now, felt alot better than when first diagnosed apart from being tired all the time. so my rhumy told me to try reducing my mtx by 2.5mg for the first 4 weeks and then by 5mg from there on. i have reduced my meds by 2.5mg for 2 weeks now and i can feel the pain already. not sure whether to keep reducing. any advise please x

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Hi, do you have a help line that you can ring?

jaqi1 in reply to trace65

hi yes i do but i don't like pestering so i thought i would just put up with it to see how it goes. i can't belive just dropping 1 tablet can make such a difference

I don't think any of us relies i much we need our meds until they are reduced, Ring your GP or Rheumy nurse she might success that you go back to your normal dose, Don't put up with it Shirley XX

I'm sure they won't think you're pestering them. At least you know the right dose for you now.x

Well increasing by one tab makes all the difference going up...MTX did nothing for me at 15mg and started working at 17.5mg so I guess the same applies going down! But don't risk an all over flare so call your rheumy team and tell them. Sounds as if you may have to stay on 20mg.....Px


Was this because you wanted to try reducing the MTX because of the tiredness or did he just suggest it because he thinks you might be in remission? Like Polly I found that going up from 15 to 17.5 made a big difference re side effects when I was on the tablets. Now I seem to be managing 17.5 by injection without problems but I think we all have a tipping point with how much our bodies can handle or do without and one pill makes a huge difference when you reach it or lower it. Tilda x

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