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puzzled by these pains

hi all.

I have psoratic arthropathy, and also suffer with muscle spasms in the middle of my back.

I'm on methotrexate and diclofenac as well as paracetamol and tramadol.

this paininmy back eases once I've had paracetamol and tramadol, but once the effects of the pills wear of the pain is back with a vengence!

would any of you know what causes these spasms and any ideas of how to ease them?

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Hi Christine i also suffer from spasms in my back, especially when i do some ironing cant wait to sit down.i take co-codamol.if your pain is severe make an appt with the doc dont suffer in silence.what is arthropathy havnt heard of this illness.hope you get some relief soon.



Have you tried exercise? I know this might sound daft & you're probably throwing something at my head right now and saying 'how the £$%^ do you think I can exercise when my back hurts so much', but it can help.

Muscle spasms can happen because of inflammation in surrounding tissue, and it turns into a vicious cycle as the more they spasm the less you do, so the weaker they get and the more they spasm. So the pain pills will take away the pain as long as you keep taking them, and the other drugs are working slowly on the inflammation. But if your back muscles have weakened then it's a uphill battle to get them strong enough to stop spasming. So I'm not talking about heading to the gym for weightlifting, but gentle stretching exercises or things like Tai Chi, swimming or pilates. And starting really slowly, so you don't overdo it. Can you ask to have an appointment with a physio and discuss with them? Polly.


Oh my dear, Christine, You are the first person I've met here with my exact diagnosis, besides, I do also have RA.

Arthropathy is the term used by our physicians to indicate bone and joint damage caused by Arthritis. That is what we try to avoid happening by submitting to all these weird chemicals they prescribe for us. But once the damage has been done, like before we started the drugs, it cannot be reversed.

Now, christine, your back muscle spasms.:

I have had spinal stenosis caused by the Psoriatic Arthritis in my vertebrae. The overgrowth of cells , as in Psoriasis, inside the spinal canal, presses against the spinal cord, causing severe pain at worse, or muscle spasms, atleast. If a nerve anywhere is being compressed the result is pain, and/or muscle spasms.

First line of treatment is a muscle relaxant. This helps the muscle to stop cramping and pull away from the nerve, thus allowing the nerve to be less irritated.

If you have just been extra -physically active recently, then rest and some heat may be all you need.

If the spasms and pain persist, no matter what you do, you should discuss this with your GP and/or Rheumatologist. They may suggest you be checked by a Neurologist.

Do be persistant and keep after them. You are only one patient to you, but they have hundreds and may not always remember everything you report, or may forget to put it in their notes. And they will more likely pay attention once they know it is a serious problem for you. That's their job!

All the best for the New Year. Please come back and keep us informed. We love success stories too! Loret


By the Way, Polly's suggestions above are worth trying. I'd suggest Tai Chi for first effort.

Avoid pullies and weight lifting until your dr says your back can take it.


But bear in mind and remind your Drs and Physio instructers that Psoriatic arthritis affects the small bones and joints , as in the vertebrae and hands and feet, fingers and toes. Yeah it's yuck!

Therefore be careful how much stress you put on them!


I've been looking at starting pilates to see if that could help.

I've also got to have heart surgery soon (I'm falling to pieces)

I've had the spasms for years on and off, but since being on sick from work, I'm not getting the exercise I was getting, and to be honest, I've probably been a tad too lazy at home.

I had physio last year, and she suggested a 'gym ball' to sit and balance on and it would strengthen my core muscles. I think I'm going to have to get it out of the loft and put it to some use

I've got a 'moretons nueroma' under my middle toe on my right foot and my wrists an fingers do swell.

I sometmes feel I'm getting old before my time.

I'm due to see my consultant the end of Jan, so I will write a list of things I need to ask and tell him.

Happy new year to you all. and Thanks. x


I did a lot of work for my back with a gym ball.. it does help( i bought my own too! if you strengthen your core musces.. it strengthens your back


so a ball and pilates looks like the answer?

my back has been getting easier over the last day or so.

now my hips and siatica are giving me gip.

mind you, I'm not taking as many painkillers!


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