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sleep,upsets and fustrastion

life hey,

for the last few weeks sleep has been a total mess for me,

1 hour here 2 hours their a night and not being able to get comfertable in


and also to top that getting very tired, upset ,crying the slightest thing words or a tv proramme gets me going,,

im so fustrated with everything and i dont know if its down to RA or the mediation or pain im in

soooo tired it unbeliveable i dont even want to go out because im not in the mood

ooohhh ive had enough

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it sounds like you need trip to gp? you could be depressed, some new painkillers/ amitryptyline could help xx


ok thankyou for the comment i deffo will go back to docs for that,,,,, lol woundering if the docs can give me a new bed and mattress lol,,,but will for sure make do that cheers ,,,, vicky


Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Everything seems worse when you have lack of sleep.. I know I'm a different person and become even more emotional, it,s easy to spiral out of control. Take care of yourself and give yourself a treat! No matter how small, something you fancy really can do u good! Hope u feel more rested soon


i will do thankyou ill prob buy my self a cd or dvd ,,,,nothig worse than feeling so helpless when in this state,,,vicky


Hi sorry to are having a bad time at the mo. It is terrible when you are not able to sleep. Some nights I am in bed wearing my sleeping splints with a heat pad on my shoulder and dosed up on painkillers and if I cant sleep I find the shopping channels very good as they are so boring lol. You do sound depressed "is it any wonder" so please see your gp. Your mood will lift and you will start sleeping better.Take care and as swapshop says get a treat for yourself you deserve it.


lol ive found my self turning the tv back on and looking through and the same thing on near enough every channel,,,and thats every night its a nightmare betime the next morning im irritable tired


avoid tea a xnd coffee after 7pm and tv and computers after 9pm they overstimulate the brain


thats ok i dont drink either of them so that wouldnt be a problem ,,,normally in bed by 10 pm and thats where the problem starts i be awake near enough all night then an hour or so sleep and wake up in pain and that been like for a few weeks now


think dr is the best bet, I Had a night last night too x


I really do sympathise with you. I get awful pain in my shoulders and hips and it drives me mad! You feel so exhausted and for me lonely and in more pain at night.

We did buy a new bed and a soft matress topper which helped a bit. I got amitryptaline tablets which r meant to be great but I just got bad nightmares but a lot of people swear by it.

I also bought a V shaped pillow which helps and the ot gave me a bed wedge which I can sleep supported more upright which helps onmy bad nights.

My gp then gave me oramrph..worked a treat for me, sleep like a log now so I can cope with the days. Just some ideas and hope I can hear some snoring from your house soon xxxx


thank you i bear that in mind about the v shape pillow ,,,i wll be going back to gp very soon and have a big talk with them i dont normally voice to them in way i should and need to tell them more than they should tell me things ,,,vicky


You could search for advice on sleep hygeine (strange term). The RA crowd can help with practical ideas from our experience - memory foam mattress topper, cushions under painful joints etc. Perhaps you could join a yoga / relaxation class. Learning the deep breathing technique could help.

I think it would help to distinguish between discomfort due to RA (or RA drugs) and the rest of your life. Are you a natural worrier? Are you trying to cope with emotions / relationships? Could be time to seek help via gp as lack of sleep is debilitating.

I hope you resolve this soon and enjoy a really good sleep pattern x


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