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Counting blessings

Counting blessings

Hi every one there is so much sadness, Sue Magsen with her sad new illness and scary prognosis and now poor Dogrose and probably many more people, sorry if I have missed any one out in the v short list, but however bad we all feel there is always some poor person much worse than our selves.

My motto is I CAN be a bit grumpy( blame the steroids and huge treatment delays!) ,that cause incessant pain. worry AND TIREDNESS. this kills most, but we should again think of those less fortunate, and count oUr blessings however few

We will all feel better if and when. spring comes.. sleeting here earlier.. roll on summer, I have found a beach shot to put up!!

Maybe We can all discuss favourite places in uk for a distraction.?

I have with some persistance got a NHS consultant appointment 20 miles away mid April rather than June !

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Good for you summer. It makes all the difference if you kick up a fuss. We have had some snow this morning when we went out. Your right there is always someone worse of than us,but sometimes we just don't see it do we.xx


Well done summer on getting an earlier app x


Good for you summer, you got your appointment sorted and I hope you will have a good outcome from it too. Then your holiday in Zante will be all the more enjoyable :-) June xx


I liked your blog Summer. It is true that once you get attached to this site other people and the things they have to put up with often come to mind. Personally I find it hard sometimes to express the fact that I feel for them & find it easier just to get angry with the powers that be. I didn't know what to say to the two people you mention but read their blogs with sorrow and concern & I've been thinking about them both today. Both of them helped put my own troubles into perspective too.

Favourite places in the UK? Too numerous to mention! London and deepest Wales come to mind & WHEN we get some sun & warmth we will all feel a lot better for sure.

So glad your appointment has been brought forward - result!

Luce xx


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