Weather is coming in, ouch

After we had 50 degrees yesterday, today barely got to 32 and it was very windy. I shouldn't even have tried to do anything with my hair today as it got messed up as soon as I went outside this afternoon. They put that chemical on the streets so it is going to either rain or snow. I'll have to keep a blanket on my knees-they get so stiff in the winter.

I did some errands-put poinsettia silk flowers on Mom's grave, shredded some papers, took my recycling to the site, and walked around inside Wal-mart. I splurged & bought a cheap $3 bear with a purple hat & scarf & velcroed it to the grille of my Jeep. I always like it when other people put stuff on their cars, like wreaths or grinches, etc, so I did it too. It just makes me smile every time I see it.

I found this roll of green velcro this year & used that to put up my garlands on the porch. It was so easy & it took way less time than in past years with me trying to use skinny wire. Yeah for velcro! I also used the velcro to wind up some long cords-they look great.

I actually turned off the tv, because now that I've blogged-I like it! I may volunteer with the Salvation Army tomorrow, they have expressed a need to have people hand out gifts to adopted families. It's for 3 hours in the morning, 9-12, and I think that I can handle that Ok. I like to be needed, and since I haven't worked for 11 months now, I don't feel that way too often. I've picked a child's name off a tree for several years but with my limited income now, I didn't this year. This will be my way of helping someone this year. I'll find something red & green to wear, how fun, maybe I'll put a jingle bell on one shoe too, just for fun.

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  • Volunteering is great - so go for it! Especially in red & green with a jingle on your shoe - sounds delightful. Polly

  • Fantastic.. well done you it is great you want to do something constructive xx

  • Well done, great to help those less fortunate at Christmas. What chemicals? don't like the sounds of that? Where do you live? what is 50 in centigrade?

  • It might just be salt, I'm not sure what they put down on the streets. I'm in Lincoln Nebraska, USA. Sorry, but I have no idea how to convert Fahrenheit to celcius.

    I didn't end up volunteering today, but I will tomorrow. I'm going to help set up their toy shop for disadvantaged children/parents. I guess that I fit into that category now, but I don't need any toys.

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