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RA Nodules maybe???

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to this site and currently being tested for RA! Painful, stull, swollen hands, Inflam not working & Positive RF. Rheumy app 12th April.

Over the last couple of days I have had 2 large lumps appear on my legs, exactly the same place on each leg about 1&1/2 inch above my ankles and another about the size of a pea on one of my knuckles, I feel like I'm whining when I show someone but it's bothering me and feel I'm in limbo :/ x

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Hi try not to worry to much. Easy to say i know i also have nodules on my hands just under normal knuckles and some of my fingers. For me i have zero-negative RA and have been told this will be normal for me.

Please don't worry about asking questions you are not not whining it can be a worry time but it will get better for you.

Have you tried speaking to nars they are very helpful and informative. afraid you will have to wait until tue morn 08002987650. Take care xx


Thanks, when I complain about the pain/stiffness because people can't see it they give me the whining look and i feel they are thinking its physiological but seeing these lumps just freaked me a bit, I just don't know if they could be modules or something else I should get checked but I feel I'm mithering my GP?! Do it look a module to you? Thanks Jill


Think it would be good to have your mind put to rest so to speak. go see your GP. x


This sounds interesting as my son is waiting to see Rheumy con, his fingers are swollen and he has now got some lumps on them, I'm still waiting for a returned call from Rheumy nurse and it is almost a week ago, they will get some earache on Tuesday , I hope things go well for you miss, these things seem weird lol.


ta i got my nodules first before anything else started !!!!!!!!!! always have been difficult born awkward xx


Hi welcome to this site, I have nodules on my arms and fingers and I have had RA for 3 years now, and my Rheumy sees them every time I go but says nothing about them so I presume they are RA related. There are many more lovely people on this site who may be able to help you. Hope you get some answers when you see your Rheumy

Wendy xx


Thanks for your replies, it's just all the waiting around and still no definite diagnosis just the symptoms and positive RF, it's my eldest son's 5th birthday next week so lots to do for his party to keep me busy then my appointment the week after so not too long to wait now x


Hi Jillybean - it may help if you research RA and which joints are affected because sometimes we can get lumps on our finger joints and it can be due to Osteoarthriits (either primary or secondary because of RA). Also it would definitely be a good idea to take this photo and others and print them off and take them with you to show your rheumy. Sometimes swelling is down when we see these people and it's good to have it all on record.

I have a little squishy lump on the inside of my wrist and just asked if it was a ganglion or a nodule. I have now looked at pics online and what I see confirms it's a small ganglion. If yours are RA nodules (and it sounds as if they are to me) then you don't have to worry because they will help the rheumy diagnose you and get you on medication - which I'm sure will make all the difference - as it has for me and many others. Having positive bloods and nodules just aids diagnosis which in turn aids getting onto treatment as early as possible. With RA this is GOOD! Tilda x


Hi Jilly, I have RA nodules on my fingers ... Middle knuckles and was told they are synonymous with high inflammation and RA activity. When I have had steroid injections they calm and go down then come back. I am flaring badly at the mo so they are back. I got mine after 15 years of having RA so mine weren't there early on. I also read people on MTX had the tendency to have them more than those who weren't but I don't know how true that is.

I asked my GP originally to check they were RA nodules as they came at a time I didn't have and couldn't get a Rheumy appointment. Unless they are a total nuisance and grow bigger I was told to leave them on the fingers as they could come back after removal. They can twinge a bit if inflammation is high in that specific area but mostly mine are just little squashy soft lumps.

Good luck with your son's party and your appointment.

Julie x


Hi jilly , I have the same experience as Julie, I have loads of nodules and tenosynovitis in my hands and nodules on my feet, they r painful and I get steroid jabs to shrink them down but they come back. The doc says when I get controlled they should improve. Hope u feel better soon and defiantly show the pics to ur docs. Xxxx


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