Had my check up with my consultant this week and have been diagnosed with Raynaurds in my hands, have been given additional medication and told to keep warm, he said it's very typical with people with RA. I was wondering if anyone else has it or knows much about it?I have been googling, but know nothing beats the advice on here!

Merry Christmas to you all!x

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  • No i haven't had experience with it, but i know keeping your hands warm is a big thing to do. Look at arthiritis gloves and see what is available. Those sort of things will keep your hands warm and they are fingerless so enabling you to do everyday things without having to take them off.

    Best of luck. xx

  • Hi ciyoung,i've had raynauds for about 20yrs and take coracten.Started on one tablet in morning and one at night and can now manage on just the morning dose.I'm also hypothyroid and when this is treated adequately it helps with the raynauds.There is a good healthunlocked site for raynauds have a look on there if you haven't already, i find it really good.Happy xmas to you too x

  • Hi there, a friend of mine has suffered with Raynauds for many years and finally went to live in a warmer climate in the Canary Islands. I don't know what treatment she eventually went onto but I can recall her fingers turning white - I believe it is something to do with circulation - and she wore gloves summer and winter as well. I believe she still suffers but not as badly as she would if still living in the UK. LavendarLady x

  • Happy Christmas! Yes I've had this for 30 years and was manageable for most of that time, but it has got progressively worse this last few years, until last winter when the pain became unbearable, and then I was diagnosed with RA, coinciding with the menopause in May. My consultant told me they were all connected and that Raynaud's sometimes precedes RA! Thinsulate gloves help a little, as does keeping active, which helps with blood supply and stress, but I haven't taken any meds for it, so can't advise there. Good luck and stay as warm as possible. x

  • Hi Trish, it's amazing how many things coincide with the menopause. With me it was breast cancer! The RA came later but before that my thyroid had to be removed as that was causing problems as well. All autoimmune diseases. Makes you wonder! LavendarLady x

  • Doesn't it just! My GP's convinced there's a link with hormones, given the number of coincidences (although there is no proof), but may explain why majority of sufferers are women! x

  • Hi clyoung - just to point out that there is also a Raynauds group on HealthUnlocked at raynauds.healthunlocked.com which is hosted by the Raynauds and Scleroderma Association, that may be of help

  • Thank you everyone fir the useful feedback- - really appreciate it! Already had bad reaction to first drug, so off now to get another one!!

    Have a fantastic Christmas. Charlotte x

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