My right knee has been giving me terrific pain combined with stiffness,

been going on a while now.

So managed to book up another jab under ultra sound, always wise!

For a few days prior i have been wearing a brace, the one with velcro.

well I must have had it too tight and when I felt the back of my knee

it has rubbed and caused a huge blister.

I really do not want to bother my own or any doctor, so tonight I will boil

up a needle and pop it. What do others think? have you any suggestions?

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  • I would suggest you do not burst the blister as while the blister is in tact it is sterile if you burst it then there is an avenue for infection to get in.RA ans infection dont mix.Hope this helps.

  • Have not popped it yet, will ring my doctor later.

    Knee is much easier today, fingers crossed it continues to loosen

    up. Maybe my miserable attitude will improve with it, pain can make you

    say and do things you regret as those around me know.

  • The advice would be not to burst the blister. the fluid in a blister has formed for protection. I am a nurse and we would never burst a blister caused by friction which it seems this is. I would suggest you put a padding on it to protect

    hope it heals soon and you feel better soon

    cris xx

  • Thanks Cris, I have it covered.

    What happens then, obviously it will either go down or burst.

    Do I treat it with anything or just keep covered until healed over.

    It was caused by the rubbing of the brace which had rigid slats,

    on hindsight it was a b.... silly thing to do. I should have just waited for the

    Jab. The other knee support I had was soft and was held up by it's

    newness, the older it got it started slipping down my leg so as when

    out walking I suddenly had this brace flapping on my ankle!

  • just leave it padded and the fluid will reabsorb over a couple of weeks. It would be worth padding the brace tp prevent it rubbing. did you get the brace from a physio or occupational therapist, if you did they should reassess it.

    cris xx

  • Do not shout!!! got it from a chemist (:( I was desperate as the pain without support was

    awful. It was making my hip and foot ache due to how i was dragging the leg.

    it the knee flares again I will remember to go to the right place for a support.

    thanks for your advice

    ann x

  • i agree dont burst that blister its protecting somthing

    when you use those you wshould not keep them on all the time when you stop for coffe or any length of time undo it and wearing it all the time will weaken your knee if the knee is not that bad sometimes and dosnt need the support put it in your pocket just in case.

    sometimes i use a bandage type just to give some support if its a bad day

    regards john

  • Thanks for your comments John and all the others, i will

    take them on board. Thank goodness I did not pop it, I was ready needle poised!

    Thankfully the jab is doing some good, today the knee is not so stiff which has

    lightened my mood. I will take it easy for a bit as I am scared of undoing any

    good being done.


  • A great remedy for blisters are the blister plasters that Compeed, Scholl, Boots and others make for blisters on feet. They're actually hydrocolloid plasters, which is the stuff developed to heal pressure sores originally and they do an amazing job very safely.

  • Was just about to suggest hydrocolloid also, they absorb the fluid in the blister without sticking to the blister. Leave it on for at least 5 days.

    Wendy x

  • cheers folk, tips abound on here thank goodness

    Ann x

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