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Wrist synovectomy?

I am down to have a wrist synovectomy in the early part of next year - my hand surgeon is concerned that I may have some trouble with a tendon too after my MRI scan so he wants to get in there and have a good look around.

He has suggested I would need about 3 weeks off work and may be in a little cast to rest it afterwards.

I have two very little ones so I would appreciate it if somebody who has had this procedure can tell me about it so I can best plan for the aftermath!


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I can't tell you about wrist,but if its anything like the first op on my knee they will have a look round and give it a wash out. You will need the time of work as well. It will tell the consultant what he needs to do to give you more mobility.

Hope this is of some use to you. Sylvi. xx


I too want to know more about what others have done with the wrist. My right one is a mess, very swollen, deformed, constantly painful, and fingers are very weak. Cannot pick up a tea cup with one hand!

Someone here spoke of having had a wrist fusion, maybe they will come back and give us a bit more info. Good luck! Loret


My surgeon says a synovectomy is a very old fashioned treatment - maybe that's why no-one seems to have had one! ;o)


Hi, Just read your blog, "Three weeks to go"

I ha

ve 12 days to go!! I am having a Synovectomy also, along with a

distal ulnar resection and proximal row carpectomy. Sounds nasty!

Wish I weren't going first :) I saw the xrays, they really were bad! My surgeon showed me all the things wrong, had been going on for a long time, no cartilage left to cushion anything, just bare bones and deformities, etc.

Of course, my expectations are that I will have no more pain and be able to hold my paint brush, embroidery needles, etc. We'll see.

I wish you great success with yours also. I know it will be even more difficult with 2 little ones. All the best. Loretxx


Hi I've had an extensor tendon synovectomy Think that is different to a wrist synovectomy though, for my op the surgeon had to strip out the tendon because the sheath was swelling so much I had 10 days off work purely cos I couldn't drive with stitches I've also had a wrist fusion im my left wrist I'm left handed The joint went from a normal wrist to totally fallen to bits in 12 mths Anyway having the fusion was the best thing I ever did It's surprising how quickly you adapt, especially if you're used to wearing a splint


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