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Rituximab Part Two

Well I yesterday had part two of my Rituximab infusion.

Once again I was welcomed by the very friendly staff who were very kind and helpful. A different nurse did my cannula this time and, as usual, I was very nervous. (I had been keeping my hand nice and warm and making a fist the best I could). This nurse managed to insert it on her first attempt although it was a little tricky as it was near the knuckle and I was worried in case it came out. Another nurse reassured me that this would not happen. He was confident there was no problem. I did try not to move my hand though in case it did because I didn’t want to have it inserted again although it is taped down well.

The staff are always very cautious that all is well with the patient’s health. Once again there are temperature, pulse and blood pressure checks every half hour and the staff often ask how you are feeling which is very comforting. Cups of tea are brought to you with a sandwich if you want one.

One worry I had before going the first time was visiting the loo. This isn’t a problem as the machine you are using is unplugged either by yourself or one of the nurses and you take it with you. At least you don’t have to wait hours to go.

This infusion went more quickly than the first one. As I’d had no problems with my body accepting the first part they put the drip on to a quicker dose. So I was finished by just after 3pm after arriving at 9am.

The infusion 2 weeks ago left me feeling a little disorientated but this second part left me feeling ok. I woke up today with a beaming red face. This happened the last time. I saw the Rheumatologist and she told me to just keep an eye on it but it went off by the next day so hopefully the same will happen this time. I also had quite a lot of sneezing so took some Piriton which stopped that. Otherwise today I’m feeling great due to the steroid before the infusion. I realise I will have to take it as it comes over the next few weeks but look forward to a great improvement.

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Hi you i hope it will really work for you. I have crossed my fingers that it will have you feeling well very soon. Please posted on your progress.xx


Thank you miss. I will keep you posted. xx


Let's hope it kicks in soon for you. I am going next month for my 2nd course. xx


Thanks Millie. Hope you get on ok. I'm sure you will! xx


Good to read how you got on Sue. The way you describe everything will be of help and reassurance to others I'm sure. Wishing you all the best my lovely.

Love Janet xxx


Thanks Janet. If anyone out there wants to ask anything or be reassured I'm only willing to help. Thanks for the good wishes. Sue xx


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