Onions Everywhere

Lazarus finally heaved himself out of his sick bed having had a cup of tea which stayed down and some medicine to settle his tum. Worrying about the pickles he had left soaking on Sunday. Told him they could wait until tomorrow but he said they would be too soft.

I was sitting doing the x word in the paper when a crash from the kitchen alerted me to some trouble. Bringing in the bowl full of onions, Himself dropped it all over the floor. Water everywhere and onions rolling about under the table, worktops etc. In fact everywhere. He is trying to pick them up (+ the pieces of the bowl) so grabbed the dustpan and brush (they both have long handles) and swept them up depositing the onions into the sink.

Then had to mop up all the water which was also all over the floor. Several moppings later and then using vast quantities of kitchen roll to dry the floor, we are back to normal and the floor is nearly dry.

Hubby has rinsed all the onions to get them clean again and is now busy bottling them and adding herbs, spices, peppers etc.

Both dogs very interested in what was happening -had to keep them out of the way whilst cleaning up. Came out for their dinners and had to put some cream on Berry's ear as he has been scratching at it. I think it stings a bit as he first of all,hid under the chair, then in his pen and finally backed himself into a corner so I could grab hold of him. Cleaned his ear as well -think he may have ear mites. If it doesn't clear up in the next day or so, a visit to the vet is on the cards.

Both knees now painful, back is killing me with all the bending down and my shoulder has started up again. My left ear is making funny crackling noises when I bite on something so think the ligaments have stretched a bit.

WI lunch was very good. I had chosen salmon en croute for my main course. Unfortunately, there was so much pastry, needed binoculars to find the salmon which was well hidden. Still it was tasty.

Everything smells of pickled onions.

LavendarLady x

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As you probably know onions not good for dogs so make sure they did,nt get one!


Hi Gina, no fortunately, whilst in the kitchen, the dogs were in the drawing room out of way and by the time they came through, all the onions were picked up. LL x


Men, we are so industrious are we not ... even when dieing with man flu....


Oooh dear !!, onions smell nice, but you probably dont think so now xx


I can just imagine the scene,weren't you wetting yourself with laughter i know i would have been. I'm smiling now just thinking about it. I'm sorry your suffering now,tell his highness to run you a lovely bath with lots of bubbles to compensate for your hard work in sorting him out.

Sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi, Himself promptly took himself back to bed once he had done the onions and I toiled up and down the stairs with scrambled egg, toast and tea for him. He has gone to work this morning,bright eyed and bushy tailed, leaving me hollow eyed, tired as didn't sleep well last night and trying to get some chores done. Both dogs moulting so had to hoover up this morning. Washed out the Hoover but can't get the filter off to clean it - it seems to be stuck so will have to wait for hubby to come home and wrench it apart!

All joints have flared up - too many times up and down stairs has affected my knees and feet again.

At least he is better although he may come home at lunch time. I told him he was an idiot to go in today particularly as he spent all day yesterday in bed, apart from doing the onions, and hadn't eaten for nearly 48 hours apart from the scrambled egg! LavendarLady x


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