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blood spots update

Got my blood results today. my platelet reading is slighty raised although i believe this can be the case with inflammatory conditions such as RA so i am not worried too much. on a brighter note were out into town tonight ( liverpool empire) to watch Mr Browns Boys i am really looking forward to it. this time i will be taking some pain relief before i go. last time whilst watching Jeckle and hyde ( ignore spelling) i was in so much pain i just wanted to leave and this really spoiled the night for me. Hope everyone is having a good day xxxx

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meant to say MRS Browns Boys nor MR


Glad you have an answer for your bloods,i'm in a flare up now,my arms look as if they have been bashed about. I get blood patches on both my arms. I have to protect my skin with e45 cream as they are fragile due to steroids.

Hope you have a lovely time tonight,not only not to forget pain relief,take something comfy to wrap round you in case its cold and wrap up warm. I sound like a old mother hen. Lol.

Sylvi. xx


You are absolutely right Sylvi gone are the days when I go out half naked and without a coat haha! Boots and a winter coat and gloves for me tonight. Poor you with bashed arms, I wish steroids didn't have such bad side affects as they're great for dealing with inflammation.


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