T-Shirt weather again

Can you believe this weather? Yesterday, it was so warm that I actually

came out in a heat rash whilst wrestling with the duvet and cover when changing the bed. Had the window open all night as so warm and slept for a long time with only the sheet for cover!

Today I am actually wearing a T shirt under my jacket as it is so mild. There was a very slight frost on the grass this morning when I took Tilly out but otherwise, sun is shining, wind has dropped (although due back again

tonight in ferocious gusts) and the sky is a clear blue without a cloud in it.

Chucked it down with rain yesterday evening as well which is probably why it was so mild.

Hubby was stewarding at a concert late yesterday afternoon and got home about 8.

Himself has now gone down with a sickness bug so is confined to bed again and looking as if he has just been dug up. I rang his office this morning to say he wouldn't be in but might be at lunchtime although having returned from work myself and taken one look, it is obvious he is not fit to go in today. He is talking about going in tomorrow but has had nothing to eat or drink apart from water today.

Did get round to washing my hair yesterday which also made me very hot. Had an interested audience of one namely Berry, who was fascinated and wasn't worried by the hair dryer at all. He sat on the bed (on the clean duvet!) with his head on his paws just watching what I was doing. When I put my bendy rollers in he looked a bit puzzled - obviously I did not look like me with things sticking out of my head! lol.

Just off to the WI lunch today. We are a small group but very lively and everyone is very friendly.

Wrists have lost their heat and thumb joints seem to have settled down again but feet now very painful. I give up with this disease. You get rid of it in one place and it pops up somewhere else.

LavendarLady x

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  • I'm with you on the whole 'moving to the next place' thing. Even to the point when i have actually had surgery on really bad joints (eg hips/knees) and as soon as i am back on my feet it is as if the arthritis says " right where can i go to now, i'll get you"

    It is a horrible unforgiving disease!!

    you are right it is mild at the moment ;-)

    Ella xx

  • Well LL, it is not t-shirt weather here. The sun has been shining this morning, but it has gone in now. It is very cold and the wind is getting up. Went to bedworth and had a look in our new tescos. Not impressed at all. Lifts not very big, No room for my scooter when staff are stocking shelves,windows that let the sun stream right onto you and blind you. Good news was after i got home i delivered my xmas cards round the close,which i'm pleased about. I agree with both of you about the ra moving. Its a pain in the posterior.

    The sky now looks like it going to throw it down shortly. I'm glad i'm indoors now. Have a lovely day ladies. xx

  • I was v hot in bed last night under my winter duvet it was mild! x

  • Hi LL

    I too am finding the weather confusing. I assusmed it was this cold that I have. I find it hot one minute and cold another especially at nites. I am waking up normal time 2.30 -3. am.

    This damn cold is just reaching its peak now and I have had it almost a week. Doctor which I saw yesterday said its not reached my chest and is expecting it to take time to clear, so no need for anti virals at mo.

    My hands are still producing heat and slightly swollen, but at least I have had no knee pain for a few days!

    Hope hubby gets well soon,

    Take care Sci x

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