Strange shin sensations! Is this just me?

This may well sound weird, but over recent months I have this strange sensation down the front of my shins. From knees to feet. Neither a pain, nor an ache. Not pins and needles and not itchy. Sort of as if my skin has been rubbed down with sand paper till it stings.

I take Sulfasalazine, Hydroxychloroquine and Methotrexate. And I have Sjogren's as well as RA.

Is it just me? And if not, what can I do about it?

Hope someone can put my mind at rest.

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  • Phoebe I also have this. I was told it was from my hip. the nerve is pinched, causing a strange feeling. I suufer from bursitis in my hip. It does not effect my upper thigh only my my shin. Also, I have restless legs. Make sure you as your Dr about this. It feels strange doesnt it? Pray you feel better and get some answers. Take care Linda

  • Thanks Grammie!

    You have made me feel better already, just knowing someone else has the same strange sensation. I will definitely bring it up with my GP at my next appointment.

  • Hi hunni I also have bursitis in my hip so that's probably what's causing the pain in my shin then???? X

  • I get deep heat feeling in my shins and calves quite often. Not what you are describing but I do get something similar (somewhere between a graze and a deep ache and heat) going on in my elbows a lot just now too. I keep expecting it to turn into real RA pain but it hasn't yet. TTx

  • Yes, my elbows, thighs, and hips especially burn like a hot iron is being held to them.

  • I get a lot of neuropathy with my Sjogren's and RA. My shins seem to be the worst. It begins with a tingling, then burning, then full out "lightning bolt" pain. As long as I take my Neurotin regularly, I'm okay.

  • Thanks Tilda and urkdingright. I do wonder whether my problem is neuropathic as in Sjogrens or joint related as in arthritis. I have a clicky hip which locks sometimes, so it could be that. I will have to raise it with the doctor. He will be so pleased to see me again!! LOL

  • yes get that, i find the need to walk around when i get this, i do need a new hip though

  • I'm glad there is people on here who know what there talking about as going to see gp is a waste of time I think I was gonna ask someone about this pain I keep getting in my left shin but I seem to have found the answer thank you whoever put it on here I shall mention it to my gp on Friday

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