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He'll all

I just wanted to say for those of you suffer with the sickness when you take MXT ,I been taking Domperidone 10mg ( sounds like the champagne ) . It stops the sickness , I asked my Dr about a month ago if he could prescribe them for me , he told me they use Domperidone for altitude sickness , so he knows they work ,and he gave them to add to my prescription . Not that im going to climb a mountain anytime soon ,but you never know.

Just thought I'd share this info with you .

Soft hugs to you all

Angie xx xx

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Its quite a good one and I have used it¬ though it is a cava or asti spumante ( Can be bought at your pharmacy as motiliuim) the champagne drug for severe sickness is ondansestron script only


I could do with some of them... although now I have been told to stop taking new meds (sulphasalazine) I may not need them for long :-)


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