2nd one today!

did anyone see the Dispatches report on channel 4. Just so stressful wondering where our money will come from when you are disabled, i think they are picking on the wrong people.

I am already sick of ATOS and their incompetence and their regular apology letter to me when they sent the wrong stuff, or lose stuff again and again. Lord help the system if they expect nhs staff to do all the assessments during their hours, its obvious they dont have enough time now with the clients they already have, thus long waiting lists and cancellations, and it will be impossible to do without recruiting new staff. How many of them will be skilled in Rheumatology.......... mmmmmm, Too much with not enough plans as usual, the usual crisis management which in the long run....assessing people every few years even if they have a lifelong disability...grossly unfair and stressful to disabled people I think. We are being mad to feel like frauds because of the fraudulent all there, all being tarred with the same brush. I am glad the disability charities are trying their best but i fear it is out of our hands. Of course this is all my personal opinion Rant over, Axx

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  • I don't think justice or fairness or compassion come into it except on an individual level in the case of the best well-meaning but overworked staff. Basically the welfare state is being slowly but surely dismantled & part of that involves virtually (?) terrorising those who depend on it for anything whatsoever. There always were disincentives to claiming but there are many more now - the stigma is worse no matter how genuine the need plus the chaos & complexity of the system is off-putting to say the least.

    I've been sitting here for a while now trying to think of something positive to add but I'm stumped. I guess the best we can do in the short-term is to reassure each other that we do bloody well deserve the benefits we are due. And I think you are one of the people who gives advice about things like employment law sometimes? Especially in the NHS? So you do make a difference whereas I feel useless & keep wondering what I can do to protest or help those most in need.

    Luce x

  • Lol luce I only shout employment stuff as I was a victim of it being retired on ill health at 52 ! So I hope now I have been shoved out that they don't take benefits do, lord nows how I live on fresh air. 2 years ago I was a senior nurse and worked for 35 years so now I do need support I hope I get it!

  • yes not good only just got DLA now I no why is only for a year, after being fighting it for 11months , to get it ,

  • Allanah,i didn't watch it as i have had enough scare mongering from someone i know. They will still have to pay you if you get refused if you appeal,thats my understanding of it.I don't think atos will last long as there are too many complaints about them. I heard that there has been suicides and i have now shut myself off from hearing about it all. I have enough problems with my own health as it is without worrying about what is going to happen. I am sorry if you find my indifference of putting,but i am of the opinion that what will be will be. I have fought once before and won so if it happens again i will do the same again. Never give up and worry about it when it happens to you,there will always help out there if it comes to that. xx

  • I agree with you Sylvie and I just deal with it differently as I like to know what potential problems will be. I have never had any trouble at assessments etc as I am obviously sick and they rarely even ask me to walk as its too painful. I agree ATOS are not helpful, couldn't believe they lost my stuff, I took so long to get it done and get help with writing it all and getting my mate to photocopy and post it all! Thankfully I photocopied it but then I had to get someone to post it again!! But all of us on dla will have to go onto pip so it's good to get advice on what to expect, but that is just me, hugs xxx

  • I watched it. Im still in work so hope that it will not affect me for some time yet. I agree that we need to focus our energy on our own health and things we can make a difference with, but I do wish programmes like that would explain how we can make a difference so that they are not just another thing for us to worry about.

  • Yes , I really really wish I was at work too, they assessed me very closely and even with access to work, I wouldn't have managed, I am a bit unfortunate with my RA. However it was informative but would take from it if you can walk at all you might have difficulty proving your mobility, have to walk less than 200 yards I think they said. However will as u say have to go along with this government but wish they could find other ways of getting money rather than tackling disabled folk, I think there are only 0.5 per cent of people on dla not gonna get it they said, so lots of forms, assessments and reassessment for little savings in my opinion. Nras have a political , can't think of the word! , guy who helps keep us up to date with changes, so maybe when it all happens they could put a bit in the newsletter about the changes? Or would that depress everyone too much !! Xxxx

  • Hi Allanah

    Jamie, our Govenment Affairs Manager (AKA political guy!) has written a piece that recently appeared in the NRAS magazine about the changes from DLA to the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit, which is now available on our website: nras.org.uk/about_rheumatoi...

    We hope to have another feature on PIP in the next magazine (due Spring 2013) and plan to produce a 'guide to claiming PIP' booklet similar to our 'guide to claiming DLA' booklet later this year.

    Kind regards

    Sarah Kate


  • Brilliant thanks. Will have a look! I spent the day at CAB and hey gave me lots of help xxx

  • HI, I am going to be retired on ill health at 51!!! I have had 2 ATOS medicals, though we named and shamed the nurse in a letter of complaint. I was traumatized afterwards, as was my friend. The nurse couldn't understand that RA was an auto immune disease and I had 2 of them with a lung condition. I did get a doctor who then told me I was not well enough to have the medical and why was I there?? He was so supportive of my conditions and moved me to the Support Group. I also endured job centre interviews and was told to be more positive and get work. I have never claimed for anything in my life and have always worked so this is all new to me. I thankfully had an amazing friend who helped me through the process. To anyone going through ATOS, always photocopy what you have written on your forms and always take someone with you to take notes. I had a struggle but did get my medical reports posted out to me then pulled them apart as they were not accurate. Sorry I am moaning on but I feel strongly for those people who have no support and vulnerable. Take care x

  • Hoping I get help, I have lots of auto immune diseases too so I will just fill in this next form .....again and see what happens, gonna go o cab tomorrow to ask them for help. All these forms came about cos I phoned them to tell them I am now on the NHS pension, since then not a day goes by without them sending me forms for benefits I don't even claim lol


  • the progamme didn't even touch the surface of the hell atoSS put us through!

    they didn't even mention those of us who struggled and forght them to get our esa re-instated after being told we were fit for work when we are feeling so ill we can hardly get out of bed.

  • Agreed! That is why this awareness of RA days will help as most people just don't get it...at all, I I will confess I didn't until I got RA xxxx

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