Morning Stiffness!

Morning Stiffness!

I always wanted to be a writer, I have always had an active imagination, wild ideas, a good turn of phrase and a great sense of romance, well ok then Jilly Cooper isn't strictly romance more bodice ripping passion and downright depravity, but you get my drift.

So you can imagine how excited I am to be publishing my first words to world wide web, a chance to express those passions, desires, exciting and epic stories ................. Okay this isn't what I had in mind, at the age of 34 I wanted to be having wild adventures with my Mr Big, rampant affairs with the gardner and poetic liaisons with Mr Darcy, but here I am blogging (I'm sure Shakespeare would turn in his grave to have ever been called a 'blogger') about my Rheumatoid Arthritis and the glamorous world of wrist splints, arsenals of utensils with big grippy handles, a collection of drugs that would make Keith Richards envious and the big yellow cytotoxic sharps bin that clutters up my boudoir, and the morning stifness I had in mind for the opening pages was certainly not the sort I now experience!

I was first diagnosed with RA in Sept 2010 after several frustrating trips to the doctors and umpteen wrong diagnosis........ 'You have plantar fasciitis' 'maybe its tendonitis' ' I think you could have carpel tunnel syndrome' 'have you ever travelled to Timbuktoo?'

3 months of this and you start to think you're going to end up in the loony bin. Finally I saw another doctor, his mother had suffered with RA and he instantly picked up on the signs and swiftly ordered blood work and Rheumatology appointments.

Its strange to say but I was relieved to finally be able to put a name to it, to neatly fit into a box and to take comfort in the fact that it is a disease that can be treated, this is not to say that I wasn't shocked, angry, frustrated and darn right fed up, but anyone who has been thru a similar experience would probably agree.

So now here I am at the very begining of my journey and thats where Im going to leave you for today and with one recommendation for a must read book :

' The first year Rheumatoid Arthritis, an essential guide for the newly diagnosed by MEA McNeil'

Until next time, keep moving x

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Hi ClareBeth

I left a comment the other day but looks like I forgot to submit it!! duh. I can't find it. Any road up. It was just to say how recognisable your experience of diagnosis is. I too have had ultra sound for Plantar Faciitis, I have had carpel tunnel operations on both wrists, tendonitis but have definitely not had Timbuktoo! I also felt a little relieved when diagnosed. Looking forward to seeing how your story progresses.

Take care

Julie x


Hello Julie your blog is like a breath of fresh air....... it's official I am not going quietly barmy all on my own!!


Hello ClareBeth your blog is like a breath of fresh's official I am not going quietly barmy all on my own!!


Hey Wonky, Glad you like it and glad Im not the only one who has chosen insanity as a coping mechanism for my RA! x


Hi Clarebeth,

We all seem to have similar experiences with diagnosis, my G.P. actually told me it was probably stress ( I was waking up during the night with different joints burning up). Eventually she was on hols and locum ordered the bloods. It was action stations after that with the rush to see a consultant ( they have done studies that prove you have better damage limitation if put on DMARDS in 1st twelve weeks). My G.P. did apologise to me. Too late for my wrist and ankle though!!!


yes.. have joined this elite club. of intiail frustration and wrong diagnosis