Launch of 'Healthwatch- Communities Involved'. Please sign-up now!

Launch of 'Healthwatch- Communities Involved'. Please sign-up now!

Four leading national charities have joined forces to launch a new campaign called 'Healthwatch - Communities Involved', to raise awareness amongst local people, community groups and volunteer about how to get involved in local health services. As a member of National Voices (one of the national charities leading this initiative), the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society is encouraging all our members to get involved.

We invite you to declare your support and interest by joining a map of groups and individuals in England who are ready to help shape these services.

Please visit the following link: for information and a range of options on ways to get involved with the local Healthwatch in your area.

It only takes a moment to sign-up, so please do so now!

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  • Done :)

  • I'm in Scotland, is there a similar organisation for us?

  • just signed

  • There are things happening in Scotland but there is still a lot of actual 'detail' to be sorted out. Watch this space!

  • .Just signed up. I do hope something will be done to address nursing training. On listening to radio programmes all the nurses seem to refuse to accept that they are the frontline - and that they CAN make a difference.They seem most interested in promotion and pay. A University Degree is only as useful as it's application and that doesn't seem to be happening in the NHS. Too posh to wash comes to mind.(All the aforesaid with apolgies to the REAL nurses in the NHS)

  • Hi everyone, just a quick comment to say that this initiative is ENGLAND only. As a result of the Health and Social Care Act there is substantial reshaping of organisations and hence this initiative has been set up.

  • Thank you, what a great initiative. I am so glad to read the.FRANCIS REPORT. So sad that it took the lives of 400 people before any action was taken.

    I am a nurse and aware of budget restraints within the NHS, over the last 36 years there has been so many changes in nurse education. So little on communication and development of these skills.

    Nursing (qualified nurses) are dependant upon our CSW who out number staff nurses on the wards. They are cheaper to employ and their education is generally inhouse, but not regulated. By any educational establishment. I look forward to this changing with the guidelines of the FRANCIS report.

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