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Hi everyone, I am relatively new to the benefit system i suffer with RA, I get high rate mobility, middle rate care, ESA benefit which i think is high rate for approx 12months, My son gets carer's allowance, i have been told that i am able to claim for a bus pass, as i am unfamiliar to the benefit system is there anythink else that i am entitled too, Can anybody help me or tell me about any other benefits that i may be entitled too. Thanks everyone

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Hi Mark, yes you are.

Your automatically entitled if you receive DLA high rate Mobility look on your local authorities website or Google disabled persons bus pass in ??? the area you live.

It sounds like you get everything your entitled to but try the benefit calculator, you enter your details/circumstances and income and it tells you what your entitled to.

Hope this helps

Beth x


Sorry that one the wrong link here's the right one:


Hi, do you also need a blue badge for parking. I think This is great even if you don't drive, you can use it when going out in someone's car?


thank you 4 your answers


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