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I was interested to read a post by Flanners about trying to get benefits. I do hope that you are getting some help to sort things out. My sister is disabled she was born with Spina Bifida. She worked for many years was made redundant and then a second time. each time it was due to department changes and cuts. Because of the type of disability she has she has claimed DLA and Mobility allowance and what ever else she was eligible for. She continued to look for work but as people know that has not been easy in the last 10 years let alone when you have a disability. She has continued to do voluntary work. I have seen her lose confidence, self esteem, and with age her body is now dealing with the effects of her disability. So now she is hit by the changes to the benefits system. When she filled in the last form she was rejected for whatever benefit it was. Probably because she had no idea about the ' right way to fill these forms in'. Not because she was trying to cheat, but as some people are aware because it is done on a points system and not looking at the individuals personal circumstances. She was rejected and went to appeal. The panel was an ancient judge and a Dr who flitted in and out of the room. My sister felt humiliated by the situation and the questions. When asked about her ability to walk a certain distance she said she could do this but it depended on the circumstances. She mentioned the fact that in the winter time if snow and ice are around it makes mobility extremely difficult for her. She used an example of the winter a couple of years ago. she was told that it wasn't relevant because her application was from June 2012!! unbelievable! I don't think the panel would even consider the fact that my sister continued to look for work after redundancy but continually came up against the problem that e.g she can't climb stairs or carry trays of tea etc etc. Her secretarial skills are excellent I must add. oh and of course they don't consider the fact that she does voluntary work each week. Next up is next year her main benefit will be reassessed. My Mum and my dad who is 80 this year are supporting her and well you can imagine the worry for them. My sister was born with a disability through no fault of her own, she has tried to fit in with our 'able bodied' society and for much of her life has contributed to it by working. Yes some people take advantage of the system and it is right that we prevent that, but there seems to be a total incompetence in the way the government is approaching this. Any one of us can be hit by illness or disability, I now have RA, luckily I am married, so I do have support. To any one out there trying to battle through the benefits system get some support to do it, don't try and navigate it on your own. All the best. xx

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well love this has just made my cry I know how hard it can be I was born with a heart defect and my mother was told when I was leaving school I could have a green card but she refused as at that time it was felt shameful to be classed as having a disability I am going back to 1960 .now I have rd and need help having never asked before ,and I am now appealing against a rejection for pip someone should hold there head in shame its never rite


I'm going to go for PIP even though I will be doing it alone, my GP and rheumy don't know me as I have just moved to a new area and my social phobia stops me being able to ask for help from the CAB or a charity. Not much hope but it won't hurt too much to at least try.


I used dial they come out to you home if you cant get out


Hi Maywing

Just to reiterate your post about getting help when making a claim for any benefits.

To anyone who is going to claim a benefit make sure you do your homework,get as much help as you can.

I made the mistake of filling my forms in by myself,big mistake!

I was simply too honest if that makes sense? I didn't give enough info and was turned down for DLA. Im now in the process of claiming PIP, and with great help from people on here I have filled the form totally different this time.(still waiting to hear)

I posted on here recently about been placed in the ESA work related activity group, I appealed against the decision which then went to mandatory consideration.

But again was told decision would not be changed, the next step was to take it to a tribunal.

The good people from here advised to go to the CAB which I did, after explaining my situation

to the advisor she said she needed to go and speak with her boss.

When she came back I got the feeling that the CAB thought it wasn't worth appealing, she gave me all the appeal forms and said go away and think about it.

Deflated I left and thought well what a waist of time, yes I can still go ahead but im thinking whats the point.

They must I cant win!

I`ve got a month to decide what to do, at this moment im not going to bother.

So if anyone is going to make claims get help from the off!



you have to keep on appealing its your rite to do so even if the end result is the same you pay in all your working life don't sit back and give it away keep at them


Your right! But i don't have anymore energy for the fight.

I went to my atos medical and like a fool(because I'm a proud man) I did all that was asked of me.

Even though it caused me great pain.

Oh I don't know I'm just so so down. Sorry!


I know how you feel I am in the same boat I will fight to the end I have lost my husband due to lung cancer then lost my home due to bedroom tax living in a nightmare then got rd very aggressive but as down as I get you have to keep on going great people on here to help with the bad days we are all in this for the rest of our journey it can only get better if we keep trying


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