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being sent to have a doppler scan ??

i have had ra for about 6 years now on enberl injections methotrexate diclofenic etc one arm is twice the size of the other it is painfull blood tests showed nothing they checked by blood pressure said it is very high(168/130 is this another side effect of ra or the medication any ideas??? should i be worried i am back to the hospital on friday for this scan we will see what happens.

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Robert not sure, the doppler test is to look for diabetes I think, another auto immune disease. My blood pressure rose as a result of the leflunomide medication although the doctors always reckoned that it wasn't the cause, yet after a few months of being off it, blood pressure back to nomral. Steroids do have an effect on blood sugar but it doesn't look as though you use them. Sorry Robert, not much help.


here are lots of reasons that your blood pressure can get raised so best left to your doctors to find the right reason rather than us just guessing. The RA meds might be a reason, but it's good that you're getting further tests to look for other reasons too as having a swollen arm doesn't sound at all comfortable. I think Doppler scans check the blood flowing through your veins/arteries to make sure no blockages but I'm not sure. Hope they find the reason on Friday and give you a solution. Polly.


Yes doppler scan is to check blood flow



Hello Robert , sorry to hear that you are unwell. The Doppler scan user ultra sound waves to check the blood flow in the arm or leg. Usually to look for clots or any narrowing of the blood vessels ?? Arteriosclerosis?? It's not a painful test but may be a little uncomfortable due to the swelling.

Smoking also can cause the blood vessels to constrict or narrow thus limiting the flow of blood.

Your general health and bp will be part of a diagnosis.

Good luck and hope this explanation helps.

Leflonomide caused my blood pressure to rise considerably with excruciating headaches.

Stopped 4weeks ago. Still got headache but it is reducing. BP gradually reducing..


the scan is usually to test for blood flow in the legs they rub some cream on you ankle top then they listen to the pulse they get

their are to main supplys to the feet so they will do both the louder the pump beat rate the better.

is this what they are scanning


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