I'm feeling very insulted!

Now! I've been registered with Accessible Homes for 18 months, in order to find social housing that I can mobilize around & manage in. The average waiting time for this used to be around 6 months, but I can appreciate it's longer now due to more need in social housing, recession etc. On registration 18 months ago, I was classified in 'Nomination Group A', on account of the severity of my condition, having been assessed, and a report written by, the Disabled Living Centre. I received a 'phone call yesterday to say that Access had been to view a suitable property for me, and I have to view it, as it's one of my chosen areas. They gave me the address, and I immediately recognised it as 'hard to let', and a dealing place, where my mobility car isn't going to last 5 minutes: too many trainees tied over wires (that's always an indication, folks! A lot of people don't know that!). I've looked at it on Google Earth, and see it for what it is. I feel SO, SO, VERY VERY insulted they should offer me a slum, just because I'm disabled. Happen I ought to be grateful?!!!!

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Tell them to go and get stuffed,they shouldn't treat you like that. XX


You need to go somewhere safe as well as accessible. Tell them no and tell them why. Their attitude stinks!!


That's dreadful - hard to let places shouldn't be dumped on people with problems. I don't know what the rules are now, but apart from telling them where to put the flat, you probably need to try to hang on to your temper and just calmly list out all the reasons this wouldn't work. Maybe write it all down & send it in so you dn't have to confront them, and then if that doesn't work speak to your MP. (but what are trainees on wires? I didn't know that one...) Good luck. Polly


Hi Andrea, I agree with the above comments. Your needs require somewhere safe as well as accessible.

I'd refuse to have a look as there's really no point and I'd tell them the reason being it's not a safe area for someone with a disability.

I've been refused the freedom to apply for accessible bungalows as the criteria is set as over 55's only (I'm 52) and as my current home has had adaptions namely a stair lift and walk-in shower. They now say I'm adequately housed so I'm looking for long term private sector accessible housing.

Good luck I hope you find somewhere soon.

Beth x


I went to view said property today, because I had to! It counts as one of my options. Had it been anywhere else, I would have bitten their hand off. The flat was huge with brand new fitted kitchen, a newly fitted beautiful kitchen! The moment I stepped into the building, I was nearly knocked out with the smell of Green. The Housing Officer asked me if I were familiar with the area and acknowledged that she wouldn't want to live there either.


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