My new best friend

Having struggled to open tins for some time now I am delighted to have discovered my new electric tin opener It cost me £14.99 but boy was it worth it I have tried umpteen styles of can openers over the years but would deffo recommend this one Its made by a well known company famous for pretty expensive food mixers So if anyone is frustrated trying to get the beans open lol Treat yourself you wont look back

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  • Brilliant...what make is it and where did you get it....I do struggle with tin openers as not all of them have those handy ring pulls. Although even those can be difficult...especially when the ring breaks off and the you haven't got the lid of yet...LOL!!

  • I Bought a battery operated one fron jml i guess the electric one could be a kenwood?

  • I finally succumbed to buying one. It was a huge step for me because it was one of those mental blocks where I didn't want to admit to being that helpless that I couldn't even open a can of beans. But, like you, now I have it, its wonderful and has definitely saved the day for quick meals for me. Think I paid about £12 for mine on Amazon.

  • Yes my hubby got me one last year there great the one I have you put tin under a press lever and the lids off x

  • Wouldn't be without one. I have had one since first being diagnosed 20 years ago been a god send particularly when they didn't have ring pulls as an option. I also find an electric toothbrush useful too x

  • I agree and i have had my kenwood one for years, the best buy ever,

  • I've used electric can openers even before I was diagnosed with RA so I have never considered it an aid for my finger/wrist problems but it obviously is and I wouldn't be without one either. I always get one which incorporates a knife sharpener as well. I also have a battery operated jar opener as I cant open jars which haven't been opened before. I also need one of those blue ring pull things for ring pull tins. Saw something yesterday for turning knobs (on a website for disability aids) which I might end up treating myself too - hard to describe it but looks like it has teeth to grip the ridge on knobs. I was looking for a button 'doer upper' which they were also advertising. One other very handy 'gadget' I use for mashing and peeling potatoes, carrying wet washing upstairs and any other household job which I can't manage .... myself ... my Husband ! (and No, you can't borrow him before anyone asks) - (PS - he also drives me to hospital appointments and takes me food shopping - shame really 42 years ago they weren't doing a 'buy one, get one free' !) xxxx Judi

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