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Is completing the Limited Capability for work questionnaire an annual thing?


1st applied for ESA in January 2011, went for my 1st Medical Assessment and was placed in the Work Related Group. Got a limited Capability for work questionnaire (ESA50) last year, which I completed and attended another Medical assessment after which I was put in the Support Group.

I have now being sent another ESA50 form to fill and when I called to enquire as to why, I was told that I needed to complete it and nothing more.

I was of the impression that I only needed to complete the ESA50 form and take the assessments if necessary twice. Can some please explain to me what is going on as I’m currently recuperating from a total hip replacement carried out late September last year and just can’t bear going through all these again? Is this an annual test?


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If you weren't expecting to get this form, it might be worth phoning them and asking if its been a mistake, and see if you can find out why you need to do it again.

It does make me wonder if they are thinking that you might now be better than you were if they know you have had a hip replacement,, which would be expected to improve things for you.


Like I mentioned previously, I did call and was told that I needed to fill in the form as everyone is required to do so.

As for my OP, I do not believe that they are aware as I was called in a long while after the assessment within a short notice. Moreover the issue with the hip is only part of my medical problems and I am undergoing physiotherapy whilst awaiting my next appointment the orthopaedic surgeon for a check up on the new hip.

I have started to fill the form any way but stop when I came across the info on ESA assessment process as I wondered if the info I got from dwp is correct


Hi New_dawn

It may be worth contacting your local Citizens Advice Bureau to see if they can help answer this question:

Or possibly the Benefits Enquiry Line on 0800 298 7650 for some specialist advice.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



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