Living with arthritis course

My local hospital invited me to a course as above , it's two hours for five weeks. Due to my flare and general brain fog, I was late! I am one of those people who's generally early so I was annoyed at myself.

There was a lot of people there and I hope to talk to some next week. Then they discussed different types of arthritis and when I read the sheet I was surprised at how much I had learned, mainly from here!

The lady consultant was lovely and seemed to recognise my flare and asked if I was seeing a doc, I said tomorrow, so was glad she cared enough to ask. Might transfer to her if the doc tomorrow is as quiet and appering to be unbelieving as last time! She really also believed in multidisciplinary team work and so I enjoyed it. Then the OT came up to me and said did I want to see her...Monday ! So really glad I went!

Hugs Axx

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  • i got one of these invites in the post .. from the local hosiptal ,, doing a course on living with arthritis .. it was split into sections . with like four different courses two the morning and two in the afternoon .. with tea and cake for lunch :) .. i couldnt make it that day either or else i would of gone along .. it wasnt so much the living with arthritis ,,, i know what that is like ,, but i do like tea n cake ... :)

  • Yeh Andy knew it wud just be for the tea and cake :)))))) xx

  • do you like tea n cake ,, michelle ?

    by the way ? what was your new year's

    revolution ,, again ?? .. haha :)))))))) xx

  • Oihhhh !!!!! Do not let everyone know I'm on a DIET Andy hahah !!! Now you have let the cat out of the bag :)))) x

  • Ahh this is so positive for you,I bet you're so glad you went now.hope you're feeling better soon love Michelle xx

  • I was shortchanged! We got tea and hobnobs! But they put them in small handled cups so couldn't use it anyway. That will be going in the questionnaire at the end ! Shame u two aren't on this one, that would be a laugh lol( big vaccinations eg pricks being discussed! ) Axx

  • Just wondering Andy didn't see how the Enbrel injection go the other day, was it ok? axx

  • the injection was fine allanah .. thanks .. i was lead to believe it stings abit ,, but hardly felt a thing ... just a little prick .. :))))) .. yea .. a course for us lot .. would be fun .. i am sure if nothing else .. it would be a giggle ..

    the course i got in the post was at scunthorpe hospital .. its abit of a trip though ,, york hospital is the one nearest to me .. xx

  • I wish there was something light that at my hospital. I know i can ring my rheumy nurse anytime during the day. I think thats a brilliant idea.xx

  • Sylvie, YOU could organize and lead a seminar titled "LIVING with Arthritis"! Who better than many of us to lead a discussion? Isn't that what we are all doing here? This is such a successful group because there are so many different aspects of these diseases, and we all discuss them from personal experience!

    This type of group is also considered a Support Group!

    Did I plant a seed of an idea?

    For anyone who could start a program like this, just consult your hospital managers.

  • Thank you for suggesting lovely Loretta. WE would have something to talk about thats for sure. I am in a flare right now and its annoying me as i started the week on a high as my pschyio was pleased with the progress on my knee. My hands and all down my right side decided that was not getting away lightly so it goes and lets me know it is still there.

    Hope your ok

  • Well darn it all! Hope some R and R helps make it go away!

    I'm nursing a bad left shoulder. Don't know what I did. Saw my Ortho doc last week he injected with Cortisone, but didn't work, so will see him on Tues morning.

  • Good idea ll ! Xxx

  • I did one of these 20 years ago when diagnosed. It would be good if they did a recap every few years so we could share experiences.

    Sally x

  • my hosp doesnt do them sounds good x

  • Shame, it seems a very good idea, but you just don't have time at the moment do you? Hos ur dad doing, hugs Axx

  • For all I don't like my new Rheumy the rest of the team seem spot on, I will see what he's like today and if I still feel uncomfortable will askmtomtransfer to the lady Rheumy. You know it might be my age, the older I get the more comfortable I feel with lady doctors. I never was bothered before, my brother is a nurse and a wonderful one, but I was a bit uncomfortable on the spinal ward with a male health care assistant putting me on the toilet!!!!!!!i know that's wrong of me but I just was. Think I am turning into my mother.( not sure if you would agree with that u guys about female nurses!?) Axx

  • My OH is a care worker. He's worked with all ages at some points and has all the qualifications and beyond but likes working with the elderly best because he says it's so anarchic and he loves hearing their tales - if they can still remember or speak enough to tell them that is. He says a few of the women ask for "no men" but after a bit they don't mind because he has a sense of humor and is gentle so they just forget their no men rule. They often call him "doctor' though! Tilda x

  • Ye I know cos all the guys I worked with were wonderful, maybe it's cos I am more conscious of my steroid weight gain that makes me uncomfortable, but men as a species......amazing ! LolAxx

  • Oh heck yeah I relate to that Allanah! Xxx

  • If anyone is interested in those courses, don't wait to be invited to one, actively phone up the rheumatology department or any regional or national arthritis group and ask if there is anything in your local area. Different areas have different groups organising and running them, but they are all very similar in content and can be extremely valuable.

  • Are there any in our area then Earthwitch? I did phone the local branch of Arthritis Care but got nowhere fast. Tilda

  • This must be for u and ewitch to do, surely.Axxx

  • I think we've both got enough on our plate just now but maybe one day! X

  • I know but you would be great I think xxx

  • Thanks but I hardly get any medical input Allanah so would really want a doctor to take on such an initiative re information and delivery in the same way as you experienced at yours. Its all self service this end and I don't have the energy or time just now to do more than come on here and advise and support others and seek advice myself. One day I would like to set up an NRAS support group maybe - especially for youngsters who I think must find this disease so isolating. But I'm not ready yet - only just beginning to get back into work and kids and coming to terms etc. Thanks for the vote of confidence in us though!

  • Hugs xxxxxx

  • Hi every one I just got me third steroid injection,has anyone had nightmares with these?

  • Hi steroids are very strong drugs indeed. You need to be careful of any side effects such as depression, nightmares etc. so I would let ur GP or Rheumies know and keep an eye on your mood. Some people do suffer badly with extreme nightmares and mood so ,not to worry you too much, but some people have bad reactions to strong steroid, my brother being one, so any problems do let the medics know. Hope they help your pains soon though, love Axx

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