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After 12 months completely free of pain after being diagnosed with RA, last week I had a sudden pain on the outside of my foot

I am on MTX with no side effects and began to wonder if I really had RA. But the pain became so sharp and bad that after three days I could not put my foot to the ground, and I could feel pain up my leg to the thigh. Three days later the pain became less and by day eight it had gone completely. Would this be a flare-up of RA, or maybe a touch of sciatica and unrelated to RA?

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I have had similar pains and saw my GP and they put it down to sciatica and I now have Gabopentin or repeat prescription to use for nerve pain whenever it flares up. I think they are related though when you have a RA flare up the inflamation can cause the sciatic nerve to be trapped. Hope this helps. Donna


Sounds like sciatica too in my opinion.. see gp for advice x


It might be a good time to get your inflammatory markers checked by your GP? I haven't had any proper RA pain since last June so I know what you mean about thinking it had gone away - but you surely have had some pain prior to diagnosis so does this feel similar? For me RA pain has been very intense and particularly burning and acidic and is usually hot and swollen at the end before it seems to move on or go away. Tilda x


Thanks to you all for your comments and advice. It's good to knoiw that you are not alone. Since my query I've seen my GP and a consultant at the hospital (not my RA man though.) One tells me that it was almost certainly sciatica because it went off so quickly, and the other is convinced that it is the beginning of RA pain. Guess I'll have to wait until it returns.

Thanks again


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