Coffee Time

Coffee Time

Been busy this morning, tidying up the kitchen and bedrooms, using the computer and trying to get an appt with my chiropodist - his phone seems to be permanently engaged. Feet are very painful these last few days - either it is the plantar fasciitis flaring a bit or the RA in my toe joints or the chiropodist needs to sort them out. It is a while since I last went although I usually see him every 6 weeks.

Must also open two parcels which arrived last week - part of my geology module with the Open University = the module started on 5th November so already a few days behind. But so many other things intrude and need to be done in the house. My cleaner is not in this week as away on holiday so will have to try and get the cleaning done myself bit by bit. Have told hubby he better not use too many shirts this week otherwise he's doing the ironing!

Worked yesterday and at work tomorrow as well + a site meeting onThursday with the Land Agent - have been busy getting paperwork together for him as well. A committee meeting tonight and I am in the village quiz on Friday as well. I said I would get the crisps and nibbles in and one of the other team members is bringing a bottle of wine and glasses. (Just managed to get the chiropodist on the phone and he has an appt free tomorrow at 4.30 so have booked it).

Courier has just been with the parcel containing my new loafers. Will have a look at those in a little while. Kettle has been on so coffee is calling as well. Plus a choccie biscuit or three.

Berry is either sitting by my feet and occasionally resting his head on my foot or taking himself off to his pen. Being with mum is clearly a bit boring this morning.

Shoulder very painful this last couple of days - ever since I started doing the exercises the physio set me! And thumbs and wrists painful, swollen and sore. If it is not one thing, it's another.

Gave my feet their usual wash and brush up this morning. Have to sit on my toilet chair and rest my feet in the bidet otherwise I can't manage it. Got some lovely new wash called Mirra Mirra (contains myhrr) made by I Coloniali which I love. Have had it on and off for some years and their stuff is really lovely. the other one is a shower gel which contains hibiscus. Almost good enough to eat! They do a really good selection of washes, shower gels, lotions etc. all of which have a lovely but not overpowering scent.

Adele singing on the radio - what a fantastic voice that girl has. Love to listen to her. Well, will now go and get my coffee and put my feet up for a bit with the crossword.

LavendarLady x

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Dear Lavendar,

I'm exhausted just reading what your doing Lol :) but that doesn't take a lot for me nowadays, I totally agree with you Adele has a lovely voice in ways a bit of the fab Ella in her (sorry young uns) Ella Fitzgerald a wonderful singer.

Now washingyour feet in the bidet is not what it's for; talking of bidets, friends of ours are having a complete rebuild of their house including a very swish bathroom, a steam shower, and another shower this one rain and massage jets, a his and hers bath his and her sinks a private loo and they're having one of the loos that wash and dry you! I want to know how it knows your little bits are clean???

So feet, I was going to say I bought some of the heel balm I can't remember the make its from Boots, it's upstairs and I'm not allowed to go up without supervision (I do occasionaly but have to be desperate and exceedingly careful) so heel balm put a layer on your feet overnight pop an old pair of loose socks on, in the morning the hard skin and callous areas have just melted away leaving them soft.

now I only popped on here to look something up.

lovely coffee break blog.

Love and hugs



Hope you enjoyed your coffee ll,i've done the crossword in the mail. You sound like you've been very busy this week. We had to rush hubby to the docs yesterday and he has had pills and medicine which seems to be making a difference. He slept well last night. This will take time to settle down, he is now thinking about retiring,I've told him it has to be his decision.

I agree with you about adele she does have a lovely voice.



Hey people you are all very busy bees today. I am in work and just ending the day - starts at 9 and finishes at 4.30 (no lunch break) but i am completely done out now, can hardly keep my eyes open so tired. But did a great days work, completed loads of different things and got other stuff moved as well. finishing off a magazine that had been sitting in my list of things to do for ages .....better keep at it, only on here cos i was trying to set up a face book page and it won't let me on so i wondered if the server was down or something but no i am chatting away here. I will have to do it tonight.

not going straight home tonight but bringing daughter 1 to music lesson and it makes more sense to wait so i will get in til after 7.

RIght better go


A lovely blog.. you are one busy lady x


I envy you the bidet. A French family I used to stay wiith who were arty and posh used to wash their socks in it, but it's great for feet as well as other bits. But our bathrooms too narrow for one!

I'd love to clear up some rooms but it always seems to generate more mess



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