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Appointment with the RA nurse

Armed with all my questions and paper today's appointment went very well.

I was pleased I had prepared for the appointment and as a result felt i got a lot of information that I needed.

Thank you for all the help and positive comments they really did help with what was becoming in my mind a very big thing.

The nurse was really helpful and took the time to go over everthing with me and why.

I am back on the Hydroxychloroquine as of today and start the MTX on Monday. Fingers crossed this will all work and I will be feeling better.

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Hi Verena, I'm glad your appointment went well. Its a good point of contact to have the RA nurse. I've only just seen mine - after being in the department for about four years... but she will be able to help in an emergency.


Yes you are both lucky to have rheumy nurses and to feel there are at least other avenues you can turn to if things aren't going well. Pleased for you Verena and hope the MTX and Hydroxy work as well for you as they have for me. Tilda x


Hi Really glad you had a good day like me, Welcome to the MTX club, hope it work as well as mine has so far Shirley xx


well done verena, that has worked out well. must remember to do the same.


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