their you have it ICE is leathal stuff to mess around with

warn all your freinds to lay off this stuff

just drink it neat


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  • Thanks John, I'll just have the vodka,rum,whiskey,gin & pepsi mixed together then in front of the fire & not on a boat. That's me sorted,I might well miss new year x

  • Caza, I think that is what we call a "Long Island Iced Tea" over here! It's one of my favorite drinks, as one, or two is all you need in the course of a 6 hour evening! Happy and Healthy New Year all of you here!

    That was good, Minka


  • good one caza try that meself

  • I'm not a lover of ice in my drinks anyway John, I think it take the flavor away, So i am glad i have been doing it correctly all these year'ssss,....Hope you had a great Christmas, I bet everyone on here wishes you had told them that before, but they can always make it a new years resolution xxx :) :)

  • glad it was of interest

    yep that ice is sure danger

    watch out for it on pathways also

    mate of mine 4 years ago fell over on it walking the dog could not get up off floor broke 2 discs in neck never walked again true story that has to walk with 2 sticks just about totaly changed his life.

    on a lighter not docs yesterday said bloods for glucose not back but she is sure the other tests being ok i will be ok on this one.

    now got to wait for me knee appointment back on own again she said wait and see what he says i know i need sulphazine

    did ya ever get ringing in your ears this is been going on for weeks now kept thinking it was the stuff in the water from swimming (im good now at swimming in circles due to the old left leg) lol

    i will have to make meself a rudder to go streight line

    hope ya had a good xmas

  • John ringing in your ear's, That reminds me of my mum before she died of cancer bless her, She said one day, Shirl i can hear ringing in my ears.... can you hear it,... I didn't no if you laugh or cry, but when i explained she just gave me such a smile, When i get them now i always have a laugh about it with my sister, it does help, I think it has something to do with the drugs we are on John, :( xxx

  • hi shirl i dream of medication i think in a bit i will try and grow some poppies in the green house then someone can high jack me and fly me to cuba as i come out the green house lol

    dont know weather i said doc said wait till you see knee man it dosnt look as swelled

    felt like saying you try and walk on the buggers.

    glucose test not back but others was ok just wish someone would show something up in the stuff.

    but ive come to the conclusion no walk right and everything goes out of place

    dont know how i made it round tesco today then i had a do at the lock on the garage cos it was sticking normaly i would find that job easy but waw the old shoulder started having a do so i said if you think im listening to you moan and hurt ya got another thing comming and plodded on.

    going to gaenors sister tonioght for on of her i call them candlelite suppers

    so i will be in me best stained vest and hat tonight

    get some brandy down me and that should help me sleep tonight.

    i would rather have man flue than this bleeding thing

  • Sorry to tell you this,the ringing in your ears is tinitus,how do i know i suffer with the damn thing myself. It is giving me gyp at the moment,on tablets from doc due to balance and vertigo,so you have my sympathy.xxxx

  • NOW YA TEL ME syl

    yep rings in left ear bit sore in right like i got cold in it

    will try and get the wax out with the bread knife later lol

  • HOLD ON I CAN JUST ABOUT hear YES IT BLEEDING RADIO CAROLINE sly with the archer on in the other how do i turn one of syl lol

    regards john

  • Ringing in your ears is due to either a lot of Acetominophen, aspirin, or it's combinations with other drugs. :) or something else entirely :)


  • hi lorain im not on anything yet take some paracetomol sometimes

    i sort of let the aches get on with it cos not been given any med yet only stuff to spread on like a brufen cream

  • Oh dear, must be something else entirely :( Paracetamol doe3s contain acetominophen however. I have constant ringing due to having fallen on the back of my head and fracture 2 vertebrae in my neck and had a concussion. Assuming you didn't do that. It is a real bummer that you have had to put up with your aches and pains with out being resolved! All the best for getting better results in 2013! And don't loose your sense of humour!

    Loret xx

  • thjank loret

    have good xmas all the best from other side of water

  • only drink beer never with ice . i am ok ,then .

  • yep ya cooking on gas

  • Thanks for the laugh!

    Reminds me of a story about carrots and peas causing cancer - the study showed that for nearly 100& of people who had cancer, they had regularly eaten both carrots and peas over the previous 2 years.

  • glad you liked it earthwitch just to brighten up the day for shirl girl

  • Hiya John, hope u doing ok and hanging on in there!

    Could the ringing in your ears be all the booze and ice ha ha, or your other half nagging lol!

    Ye I started with a bit but think its the new drugs, but worth a check up, mine comes and goes and is worse in the mornings, tinnitus like poor sylvie has is a permenant loud noise that doesn't stop. Maybe worth a check up?

    Thanks for the laugh, keep them coming Axx

  • hi alanah

    hows you back from the op are ya getting round now at all that was some op ya know.

    ive lost all faith with doctors might as well go see the vets better treatment

    nowt showing in bloods and glucose test not back but dont think she said will be anything wrong with it.

    meanwhile jake the peg keeps walking till i see the knee specialist on 23 jan that all i can do allanah but im sure this thing is turning into a bit of a back problem now

    ya leve something long enough and ya will get a problem. and i would hate tyo have this get into my back even though it seams to have hit every where else with nothing showing up

  • Yep thanks really glad I had the op as I can feel my arms and hands now yeah! Might be able to do ur wine trick soon lol. Hope your appointment goes well and have a happy new year , remind me not to drink with u, I would lose the bets !! Axx

  • that realy is good news for the new year isnt it absolutley great new

    what discs did ya have don allanah

    hope your pain goes off to for you for the new year im going to the pool but i aint swimming today think i will have a bubble bath their

    as the arms been playing me up last time i whent if its not one thing its another

    regards john

  • I have to drink stuff neat. I can never get the ice cubes into the bottle.Once tried pouring the booze over the ice cubes, but was very awkward trying to drink from the plastic bag. Spilled too much valuable booze.

  • hi sparky

    how to get a free pint put a cork in a bottle and say how do ya get that out without touching with you hands to pull it out

    then after everyones had a go take ya shoe lace off and drop it insite the bottle in a u shape pull cork out.

  • Wait! What??? LOL!

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