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mp who cares

this is from another site and posted with permission,


"copy and pasted this from the facebook group ATOS miracles

Some one cares, someone wants to help! Share your stories.

This MP has written this to us.> wrote:

Many thanks for contacting me

It is my intention to build up a dossier of ATOS cases which I can make use of in the future to argue for radical changes to the present unfair and incompetent system. In particular, I will be calling for a full Parliamentary debate on ATOS through the procedure of the Backbench Business Committee (likely to be in January 2013) and I am also seeking a meeting with the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith MP.

The more of you who email him with personal stories the greater the weight of argument. Many of you have told us, now tell him "

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Thanks that's very useful


wot party is he from ??


He's Labour. Look up his record. My assessment is that he has always tried to do his best and isnt just one of the machine men. He's not uncontroversial but he has a very long track record of being concerned about people who are vulnerable - elderly, disabled etc. So while trying not to let political affiliations enter into things, he is one of the people who will stick up for people who are suffering from the cuts.


Thank goodness for people like him. We regularly get judgements for ATOS at work and they almost always declare the person as fit to work, even if we who know them think otherwise. Too much GP time is spent having to support the poor people's appeals and deal with the mental health issues this causes. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Sandra x


Great thanks for the link. Having lads of hassle at the moment, keep sending me forms to complete and I don't even get those benefits! axx


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