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Repeat prescriptions

One of the life improving things to come out of my RA experience is the free NHS repeat prescription service provided by I now no longer have to go to my GP every month or queue for ages in the chemist for my meds, I just get my prescription up on line, tick the boxes I need which goes to my GP to okay it and the postie delivers it next day or the day after to my address. Brilliant!

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That's Fab,.thanks for the link I will check it out

Julie x


Great idea for people who can't get out or have difficulties getting into surgeries, thanks for sharing.

I'm lucky in this respect my GP surgery has a website where we can do the same and they've just introduced a prescription hotline where we can order over the phone. Something I've been asking them for, for years!



The same as Beth my surgery also has a web site in which I

can order on line and it is automatically sent to the chemist

of my choice.


yes lots of/ most pharmacies offer free repeat prescription as it guarantees them regular prescription income x


The difference about the NHS pharmacy2u repeat prescription service is that they do not charge for postage and packaging for home delivery whereas to my knowledge the other pharmacies do. Please correct me if you know otherwise as I would hate to misrepresent any other pharmacy service providers.


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