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Problems with methotrexate prescriptions


Does anyone else have trouble getting their prescription for methotrexate tabs? All my other medicines go direct to the chemist electronically but my methotrexate still has to go on the old green prescription form. I picked up all other meds from chemist on Saturday but once again no myths. I went to drs. today and apparently the computer would not print it out for some unknown reason. Finally a very helpful lady managed to sort it out but I still couldn't take prescription with me as it had to be signed by the dr. So hopefully tomorrow it will be finally sorted. It also happened last month. What a performance, all I want are my meds. You would think I was after the Crown Jewels not just a few pills. Oh well, just another hurdle to overcome.

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I was getting hassle with both the doc and chemist so I gave them both hell and hey presto, sorted lol.

hatshepsut in reply to Philip

I get mine direct from the hospital.

Paulineg in reply to hatshepsut

Hi Hatshepsut, I did originally but it all changed a couple of months ago

wishbone in reply to Philip

That's the way Philip, don't take no messin'. Lord help 'em should I ever have a problem getting hold of my stuff! :)

I'm not too sure but it may be something to do with it being a cytotoxic med & as such a GP can't represcibe it unless signed up to a Shared Care Scheme. I had problems when I returned to the UK. The Rheumy represcribed it (I'd been taking it since 2009) & when the supply she gave me ran out my GP said he wouldn't prescribe it on a rescript. My Rheumy had to intervene when I proved the surgery had signed up to the scheme & she sanctioned him giving it to me. I think I'm right in thinking that because it can be altered at any time according to how we're reacting to it it doesn't come under the chronic category either as the dose can be changed according to our bloods by the Rheumy & unless SC is in place the GP has no power to sign off the script unless he/she says so.

Sorry all this seems a little vague & would rather it not be but it's my understanding from what I've experienced.

that would be my understanding too.

Pleased you understood what I was trying to get across but wasn't altogether sure I was right in my thinking as I said & hoped I wasn't throwing anybody off course so thanks for the reassurance earthwitch.

Hi nomoreheels. Thanks for that. It explains a lot. I have a marvellous GP and the practise is great as well. I don't blame them for the problems, it is purely circumstances beyond their control.

Thankfully I live in Scotland, so the system hasn't changed. M x

I have no probs GP gives me my injection of MTx and change it on my say if rhummy changes it at hospital as it takes months for the letters getting sent out


jofle1 in reply to justlizz

Same process - I added a note to the repeat script and not questions asked

I can't order mine online, I have to call or go in person to order them, which makes it difficult as often I am unable to walk to the surgery and my telephone phobia can be really bad at times. Because of this I'm two weeks behind ordering my next lot, which stresses me out even more as I think they will be horrible to me about it, which makes my phobias worse. xx

nomoreheels in reply to Dogrose

Does your Practice offer the option of ordering your prescription by calling your usual chemist who will arrange for it to be issued and dispensed saving you a trip to the Surgery? Ours will do this if required, at no cost & will even deliver it if you or if there's a drug needs ordering they'll drop it off at home for us if we're not out & about to collect it ourselves. If you're not sure it may be worth asking at reception of looking online if your Surgery has a website. It doesn't sound as though you're coping too well at the moment & you do recognise you're stressing about it Dogrose & I'm sure as ours does it they're not the only ones. Think about it & I'm sure if they do provide this service they'll be only to willing to help you.

Dogrose in reply to nomoreheels

I'm not sure, possibly not with MTX. I finally plucked up the courage to call today to order a prescription, got a phone call later to say the doctor won't write one out as I haven't had a blood test since March. I have them every six weeks and not only that I had a second one two weeks ago to double check my iron levels and liver function, I still have the nasty, huge, fading bruise from that one. So I was asked to contact the hospital myself to ask them to fax my blood test results! Isn't that something the doctors surgery can and should do themselves? The only number I have is the rheumatology helpline which has a turnaround of up to five days. What a saga. xx

nomoreheels in reply to Dogrose

Unfortunately for you your GP is correct in saying he won't write a script if a blood test hasn't been performed for that length of time & I think you know yourself that isn't really the best thing not to have them either is it? I do understand your problems but your RD health could be compromised which is why I mention it, I assure you I wouldn't have otherwise as I know it is a debilitating condition. I think it's most uncaring if the person you spoke to knows of your problems to expect you to contact the hospital yourself for your blood results & maybe gathering all you have in you to go & see your GP would be the next step. It's easy for me to say I know but the situation at the moment won't ease or sort itself if your GP isn't aware of them. Is there anyone who could accompany you for support, maybe a relative or friend ? Another way round it could be if your Surgery has any information on health visitors? Maybe they could arrange for a phlebotomist to take your bloods at home, my f-i-l has one who comes to take his as part of his ongoing treatment.

You do well on here, how about trying?

Dogrose in reply to nomoreheels

I go to the hospital every six weeks (plus an extra one two weeks ago) for a blood test. I don't need more! My last hospital always sent the results to my GP. Since I moved to a new area I'm at a new hospital and new GP (they don't know me from Adam) and they seem to do things differently. I did call the helpline while I was on a roll but haven't heard anything since. To be honest I only order the MTX as a show, I have stopped taking it and not told anyone. xx

I'm on leflunomide and because of that, none of my tablets can be ordered online between GP surgery and pharmacy. That's what both GP and pharmacy are telling me.

How annoying. Sure it's something to do with patient safety. I have been on mtx injections for years and years and if I don't have my blood done every 3 months and the results aren't faxed to my nurse specialists to check I wouldn't get a new order delivered. So maybe it's a similar thing for you? Maybe the gp likes to check your bloods each month before issuing a repeat?

It is what is said above it is actually a controlled drug

. Once I had done two months it is on my script but I am shared care

My surgery operates under the shared care scheme. There is a signed prescription for me to pick up when I attend for my blood test. No blood test, no meds.

nomoreheels in reply to oldtimer

That didn't seem to apply in my case oldtimer. I have my monthly bloods taken at my Surgery but still had to battle, to get them to prescribe MTX so don't know it always follows. Why does it seem we always have to struggle with this disease?!

I have to go to hospital pharmacy every 6 weeks to pick mine up

Paulineg in reply to Crazyjo

Hi crazyjo. I used to get mine from hospital but signed a form which my consultant and GP also signed so that I could get mine locally. Beginning to think it would be easier to go back to hospital for them

I have my Mtx injections prescribed by the Hospital but when I was on tablets the GP was able to prescribe them along with my other meds on repeats. apparently mtx injections are not allowed to be prescribed by GPs in my area.

I just ordered mine at the pharmacy along with my other drugs and they'd request it from the GP. Sometimes everything would be issued fine but if the request went in a little early the mtx would be left off. I've had to complain on quite a few occasions about this. x

hi if your blood results dont land at the docs as they should it red flags the screen and they cant dispense my doc showed me on the screen mine ok now but was a safe way to make sure you ok on drugs as so toxic

Each prescription i do online i have to chase, with regards to the MTX they keep telling me it's to do the blood tests and when i tell them i have them done monthly they seem to comply.

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