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I have decided to open a sweepstake with my husband. After 50mg amitryptyline (sp) and my normal 2 co-codomal, will I get to sleep before 5am. As i had bloods today, have added a glass of wine into the mix! Also, can anyone figure out why or when the picture on the NRAS web page changes from a nice looking lady to a nice looking lady and a man or just a man? Is this some sort of secret RA brain trial or am I the only one not in on the secret??? I really must get out more! night night all, Virge

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You should have slept with that mix! that would have knocked my out.

wine can disrupt normal sleep patterns though so be cautious and not a great mix with 50mg amitryptyline,

I am sympathetic though as I have often been awake with pain , was up at midnight tues in pain.. my method was one hot chocolate /cocoa a 10mg amitrypyline, 60mg arcoxia( etorcoxib) and codydramol no alcohol then slept thorough til seven.


Hi Virge I sympathise. I've always been a terrible sleeper even when I was a kid and used to scratch away all night at eczema. Last night I was only woken once by Ruby the puppy and slept pretty well but tonight I'm absolutely shattered. Unfortunately I've got to go to a parent's evening for my son and then husband on nightshift so I'll probably not get to bed until late as middle son is in a big Xmas show and comes home starving with make up to remove at about 11pm. Tempted to snooze now while the going is good but therein lies another night of insomnia - oh dear? Think the changing faces of NRAS are meant to show the world that people of all ages, all different ethnicities and both sexes can get RA? Well that's what I've always assumed anyway? Good luck tonight may the sleep force be with you! TTx


I'm hyper on steroids right now, so most nights not getting more than 6 hours sleep, and some nights as little as 3.

I guess I'd be a bit careful of the amitryptilline/wine mix too, especially with the codeine in the co-codamol - all three of those things can depress your breathing, and combined makes the risk worse. Its particularly an issue at night time, as if you "forget" to breath at night for too long, you aren't going to notice. We just had a youngish guy die in our village because of that (he was taking codeine).

One thing that can really help is to have a nice hot bath or shower just before you get into bed, to get you into that really relaxed state. I personally swear by a hot milk drink, with a little bit of honey in the milk, but if it makes you need to get up in the night for a toilet trip then it defeats the purpose!


Hi Virge

Tilda's hit the nail on the head with why the 'face of NRAS' changes regularly! And the faces simply change each time you re-visit the homepage after looking in another section. Just to jazz things up a bit :)

Hope you sleep a bit easier tonight.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



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