CAN ANYONE ADVISE PLZ? Got the result of a routine urine test My doctor called me to the surgery to inform me I have protein in my urine He was not that concerned about it just said its to do with the kidneys and not to worry and left it at that! Now i'm no doctor but I know proteinuria is not normal and I AM worried about it! This was a follow on test;, previous test also had protein in urine. I have lost some confidence in my GP after this; could it be related to medications or what?? He offered no further investigation of this, what can i do???


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  • protein in urine can be detected at any level from "trace" through to 3+. If its trace or 1+, then its more often than not just noted and nothing specific is done about it. Its the same with when they do kidney function checks - good kidney function is a eGFR or 90 or more, but they actually don't worry about it until it gets down below 60, and even then, unless there is something else going on, they may still just watch it and not do anything much.

    I guess what I am saying is that its good for the doctor to have noted it, and it may be useful for you to keep a note of the date, and then make sure you ask to get it checked again at least once a year, but if it was just low levels of protein then there really isn't much they can or will do anyway, and if it hasn't changed from the previous test, then its not getting worse so thats a good sign.

    For your peace of mind, you could ask the doctor "how much protein was in the urine" and ask "at what point would you start worrying about it" and "should I have it checked again, and if so, when".

    I'm in a similar position with occasional protein but an eGFR (measure of kidney function) that hovers around the marginal number of 60, and I know I do have to take the initiative myself to remind the GP that I haven't had it checked for 12 months, but its actually sat around the same number for years now and not got any worse, or had any negative impact on my health.

    Just a final thought - you didn't have an infection at the time of the test did you? If so, then there's your answer - infections often lead to having a bit of protein in the urine, and it will clear when the infection goes.

  • I had protein in my urine at my rhuematology appointment +1 that caused alarm bells if more than that my medication has to be witheld. injectable gold affects kidneys and if regular protein is found it is big issue, I have already been referred to an urologist as I have regular +1 and sometimes +2 blood ( any non medical people the plus reading via urine dipstick test and matched to colour chart to give levels and no I have nver had an infection loads of samples were sent to the poor lab.

  • Hiya I thought I may have a water infection and my rhumi people stick tested a sample and said I also had protein in my water ....they then sent it off and said yes I had an infection gave me a course of antibiotics which were fine with Methx (didn't have to stop taking ) and the infection went ..I was concerned but they told me protein in the water is quite common and usually just an infection so don't worry , I think it's if a course of antibiotics don't work they investigate further kidneys etc try not to worry Claire xx

  • Thanx Claire, but i dont have a a water infection, that's why i'm worried. Thanks to all who answered and your input, it's very much appreciated xx

  • Sorry Maggie maybe I misunderstood ...please let us know how you get on's all a worry isn't it but hopefully you will get it sorted very soon ...Cx

  • Thank you Claire, I am asking my GP what amount of protein is in the urine test; hope i get an answer !

  • I have a kidney disease with my RA and it all started with a 3+ urine test. It is good to know how much protein was in the Urine. if your Dr. was not concerned I assume it is not 3+ or even 2+. but it would be good to confirm that yourself. I hope you can call and get someone to read the test for you, so that you know what was on the test. A little bit of protein is not a big deal, but good to keep a record of. A small infection can do that, so it would not be a big deal. Sometimes you can have an infection that is not apparent, i had that once after my major kidney disease was diagnosed, and the protein raised again. I was surprised that they did find an infection with more detailed test. So sometimes you aren't aware of it.

    Hope you are able to get the test results.

  • Do you think RA and kidney disease go together? i.e it's normal to have protein in the urine if u have RA ??

  • There was another question or blog on this topic, try searching under tabs.. ?. from the last one I read and my own experience Im woondering whether there is a physical link ie due to our illness? or whether it is being caused by the drugs we take?. my medication myocrisin or gold injections is known to affect kidneys so Im awaiting urologist referral

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