back pain

back pain

does any one have severe back pain is that an ra thing

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  • I've been diagnosed wits degenerative disc diesease as well as the ra, however when I flare so does my back pain so I think they are linked.

    Julie x

  • Cannot think of a place I have not had it, its a killer though when its the back

    Any pain I get I blame RA, even tooth ache!

    How long have you had it and at what stage are you with your treatment?

  • Have Had RA for about 5yrs first 3 did,nt know it was RA then has enough of pain from top to toe decided to something about it. Just starting mxt not looking forward to it as most of the blogs say it makes you nausea and have headache

  • Oh poor you!

    I suffer with lower back pain, but more recently have had a pain in my neck - my ra nurse said it probably is ra, but yes it hurts so much more than just sleeping funny.

    Take care


  • Well i have had same too, even in my jaw and throat ...good news for the women in my life, not so good for my diet :)

  • Have had several spells of lower back pain.. its not nice!, last time I was told I had popped a disc??. the lumbar region of my back is a fused mess also, had to have a lumbar puncture and they really struggled to find a space to put the needle in! not recommended!

  • love your picture Pam you look so good - when the pain relief isn't working it appears to be everywhere. I have that degenerative disc thing going on. Hope you get some relief soon.

  • Thanks thankfully on good days I can stil ride my horse

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